"XQD memory card" appears, in the future it is possible to write speed 5 Gbps (625 MB / sec) · Capacity more than 2 TB possible

Sony first commercialized the "XQD memory card" of the new memory card standard that was announced last December, and Nikon's "D4It corresponds to correspondence, it will be released from February 15th 2012.

Commercialized "XQD memory card" realizing industry's highest writing speed 1 Gbps | Press Release | Sony

Incidentally, this "XQD" is a writing speed of 1 Gbps (125 MB / sec), a digital single lens reflex camera compatible with XQD memory card Nikon "D4"In the RAW shooting at about 100 frames, continuous shooting is possible, the theoretical speed value is 2.5 Gbps, in the future it is planned to correspond to 5 Gbps, technically the capacity of more than 2 terabytes in terms of technology It seems possible.

XQD memory card 16GB "QD-H16" (market estimate price: around 20,000 yen), weighs about 10 grams, size is about 29.6 mm × 3.8 mm × 38.5 mm, the interface is PCI Express.

XQD memory card 32GB "QD-H32" (market estimate price: around 33,000 yen)

XQD card reader "MRW-E80" (market estimate price: around 4000 yen), weighs about 42 grams, size is about 50.0 mm × 86.0 mm × 12.5 mm, interface is USB 3.0.

XQD express card adapter "QDA-EX 1" (market estimate price: around 4000 yen), weighs about 13 grams, size about 34.0 mm × 75.0 mm × 5.0 mm.

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