Not only the weight of Mickey Mouse's shape but also thoroughly Mickey covered rice balls tasting review inside

I studied various things what to do about this year 's osecho, so I registered for Belle Maisonnet because we accepted Osechi' s book in the form of Mickey Mouse. Whether Disney's ability is really what it is, Is it a monster's defeated Iromono, or a proficiency school accompanied by the quality of the inside, always victorious!

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(Cache) Omega · Mickey Mouse mail order Belle Maison Net

The osechi box which this arrived

When you open the box, it appears as a spoofing set

Celebrations such as chopsticks are included

I found something under it

Seated in a box

It is wrapped in such a feeling

Furoshiki also Mickey Mouse

Appears from the furoshiki

It is because seahorse, dragon year is at the right ear

Opening the lid and looking inside, the film is sticking, it also shaped properly in Mickey Mouse

This is one heavy

The next two heavy

And three heavy

First of all, when you put all the contents of one heavy outside,

Bamboo dish

Even if I try to pull out to the end I feel that it will cut a bit, so I must deliver it with a toothpick etc. carefully

Grilled duck grilled skewers

Sweet-and-sour pork sweetfish

Mickey's hand shape Kamaboko, it's amazing with a solid texture

Lobster dish

With this kind of feeling inside, it is put in after putting out its contents, so you can take it out

The size is about this. Is it too boiled or like a dashi ... ...

Number of child drinks pickled

Silhouette Red and white fish paste

Such a feeling, pretty and an omauma

Sasamaki walnut Honey

Silhouette chestnut Kinton, it is arranged in the shape of Mickey. The base is kinton, the ear is a minimalon, and the face is emperor chestnut sweet. Amazing

Boiled with rice cakes

Assorted for Mickey 's stuff

Black bean honey cake gilt decoration

Sweet-and-sour cooked waka peppers

How much soy sauce pickles


Red and white fish paste

Well, actually, this is Mickey

rolled omelet

Rice bean pickled

Next, when you put all the contents of the second heavy out, it feels like this.

Rectangle red and white

Bamboo red salmon Ogawa roll

Shrimp fish eggs on sweet vinegar

Better punchy texture

Lake fish Konbu roll

Shodai Shioya

Seasoned bamboo shoots

Braised head with bamboo shoot

Shiitake mushroom dish

Seiki Hime Kawaii Matsukasa

Silhouette carrot dish, this is also Mickey

Takano Tofu also Mickey


Including the volume of boiled (shrimp)

Seasoning Temari Yuba

Seasoned Homeless

Seasoned plum type golden ginseng

Also seasoned cancer

Boiled sweet potatoes

How to fish eggs

Tataki beef

True Chirryn dish

Silhouette Red & White Kamaboko + Hand-shaped Kamaboko, Mickey Set

The contents of the last, the third heavy is like this

Matcha Azuki & butter's bread wrapper (Matcha Red Beans Repan), this is a big hit, insanely umuma

Sweet potato apple pie

Plum type agar skewers

Red and white blessings

Silhouette mochi (Mickey)


Plum blossom arrival

Pine flower arrival

Raw ham cheese pine needle

The size is about this

Pork pastrami with cheese

Duck pastramon pie

Silhouette Mochi (Minnie)

Good when side by side with Mickey, sweetness is moderately sweet, taste is not too soft.

Shrimp in three colors

Shrimp and fish eggs with mayonnaise

Roll salmon

Spin on roll

Soup, 210 g × 5 meals

1 Silhouette shrimp shrimp, 3 silhouette ginseng, 3 petals petal lily root

Where I put it in a bowl

Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp, thick

Pottery cheese mousse pudding

The object is like this

With cocoa powder


I feel like I'm removing packs from Mickey Mouse

Put it on the mousse ... ...

Although it puts on cocoa powder ...... Mickey got to meet because it made us mistake ...!

So, the taste of everything is too thin not too thin, very good taste. It was not merely apparent killing. The price is 22,300 yen including tax, the level of the taste is markedly higher than the osechi of convenience store supermarket of the same price range at least. Besides, because the stuff is stiff, it is quite ant, as heavy / vessel etc will remain as a memorable item after eating.

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