Just curry udon + rice which is not "curry gyo udon" tasting review

Recently, I found a different kind of "curry grandfather Udon" in the menu of a neighborhood noodle shop. When I look it up, this is "Osaka UdonbushibaI found out that the shop called "Original" seemed to be, so I went to eat to check the original taste.

Osaka Udonbushiba

Arrive at a shop

It is a shop with lunch sales and seems to have pretty commitment on rice

However, again the main udon. Homemade noodles, sticking to sticking after placing an order.

Lunch menu. There are various udon and soba, but the specialty is curry.

Here is a night menu

This time I cooked croquette (150 yen) and pork cutlet (250 yen) on the intended "curry grandfather Udon" (1200 yen).

Shrimp, eggs, green onions and kamaboko are standard equipment. Cuts are added to it.

A croquette set on a separate dish not to catch on full topping.

The size of the shrimp is quite good. It is not a small one.

Cutlets are also used for cutlet curry and katsu-rice bowl.

Because croquette is also served as side dishes, firmly large size.

Let us eat

The big tree, not only the appearance, but also the contents were solidly entered. Clothes are crispy fluffy.

The number of cuts is large.

And croquette. Although the main is a hood of a noodle shop, it is almost like a croquette of a butcher. Fried, this is just a cup of rice that can be eaten.

As we go forward with eating, rice appears.

But if curry contains rice, it is curry rice, but this is certainly nothing but rice disintegration and it becomes a grandfather. It is a nice menu that you can enjoy twice with curry udon and curry grandfather and fill your stomach.

It was so tasty that I ate it all to the bottom. Thank you for the meal.

By the way, "Curry grandfather Udon" which was in a neighborhood udon noodle is here. It looks like ordinary curry udon.

When eating a little udon, rice came out from the inside.

This is curry rice which adds udon and adds udon ...... It is not Oya.

Just looking at the composition of the menu, I think that 'I should put rice at the bottom of curry udon?', But when I try to eat it, it is not just curry udon + rice, it will be properly curry grandpa It turns out that it is not easy. I want to imitate it, but it seems to be a bit difficult.

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