Explore the inside of Costco warehouse store, everything is too big & too big

The beginning of Costco was a warehouse store named "Price Club", which was made by remodeling an aircraft hangar in San Diego, California in 1976. In 1983, the first warehouse store of "Costco" was opened in Seattle, Washington In 1993, "Costco" merged with "Price Club" into a single company, having 206 warehouse stores under the name of "Price Costco", and it will be annually $ 16 billion (about 1, 6 thousand Billions of yen) to be sold.

So at Costco Kyoto Yahata warehouse just opened on Friday, 9th December, Costco's corporate philosophy of "always saving expenses and returning it to all members" I tried checking while exploring it.

As we push down the cart rattling downwards, every passage is wide


It seems that the Amazon warehouse was like this ...

I can afford even wheelchairs

I thought that it was something like business supermarket, but also such brand items.

Lot of pretzels, 824 yen at 1.47 km

Set of Doritos and others

There are pharmacies and clinics, you can adjust glasses and develop photos

There is a product at the bottom, samples are lined up at the position of the line of sight, all the space above is stacked in the warehouse state

I also sell sofas

Soccer table

Frozen & chilled store. Of course, the huge space above is a warehouse.

Chocolate chip muffin 12 pieces including 838 yen, muffin covered muffin corner

Let's go onion and garlic as it is

If it seems to be dangerous if you think this is obviously a fresh corner, if you think this whole is a huge refrigerator OK

Among them, the ceiling is too expensive, and hinyari.

Mystery berry full of

Huge teddy bear, 2990 yen

Drinking corner

Sushi corner

Family sushi 48 crosses with 2480 yen, one feeling about 50 yen

Beef corner

Roti sari chicken, 798 yen. In short it is a roasted bird.

Chicken Caesar salad, ¥ 798

It's too big and too heavy

Square pizza 5 color cheese 43 cm × 43 cm, one sheet until December 1150 yen

There is no ordinary household having an oven that burns entirely because it is huge. Probably need to cut before baking Ali.

Bakery corner

Cake corner, half sheet white cake 1 piece 2280 yen

There is also souffle cheesecake, tax included 1248 yen

Paella tax included 1188 yen

Grilled chicken leg 6 bottles, tax included 998 yen

Pork ground lean lean 80%, American thawed goods, 100 g 49 yen

American pork loin, 100 g 78 yen

Not only cheap meat but also things like Wagyu 4 grade sirloin steak. It's 765 grams, 6105 yen

It is said that this is sold only on the opening day of the store from ItalyPalmigiano LejanoHall, aged 30 months, 2008 annual production

It's too big. Tax included 90,792 yen. I asked people in Costco that "Does this have people to buy?" I heard that "When I opened another shop before, professional people bought it."

I also sell clothes


For the time being, I cranked around and I bought a soy sauce taste 3184 yen 499 grams and Campbell noodle chicken 12 pieces 998 yen and escaped. By the way this bag is also free distributed first - come first - served, convenient.

The exit is like this and when you go out you show the receipt you purchased

As of 7:54 am

At around 10:30 in the morning it is like this already.

Cash register is heavy congestion

That's why I became totally hilarious, this time it's Food Court.

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