"Spirit of Garlic Meat Garlic Soy Sauce" Tasty Review

Everyone should have once thought that I would like to hammer on the meat with bone that comes out frequently in animation and manga, typified by "Hajime Human Gartles". To make such a wish come true, the Escape food produced "The Guruzu meat that reproduced the meat with the anime's boneAs it is, it was thought that even a primitive person would get bored with a single type of taste, spicy garlic soy sauce flavor appeared, so we decided to eat it compared with normal ones.

Thanks to spices, it has become more wild than before.

Details are as below
Luggage from Escape food arrived.

Open the box.

greeting. It is with caution that "it is not meat musk".

Be sure to steak for 6 minutes or more before eating. Although it seems to have eaten the bag unexpectedly thinking that it will finish chinning, as this steaming process is important, do not forget.

The inside of the box is Guritsu meat is gissiri.

Two kinds of meat, normal and garlic soy sauce taste.

Normal has gongs hanging on meat.

Garlic soy sauce taste is Gon 's dad. Maybe adults are also hooked.

When comparing normal and garlic soy sauce taste, raw materials are subtly changed. The top is normal, the bottom is garlic soy sauce flavor, from salty taste base to soy sauce flavor base.

First cook for 7 minutes in a microwave.

The meat is already warmed, but steam it for 6 minutes from here.

Everyone is slightly different in normal and garlic soy sauce flavor.

Normal on the left, garlic on the right with soy sauce flavor. It is normal that the color of the meat juice delicately subtly.

Even though I had eaten it before, this chunk of meat is overwhelmed again.

And this is new meat. It looks almost the same.

I tried something.

Normal is a bit sweet.

As opposed to garlic soy sauce taste is rich. The flesh is spicy on top of it and the feeling of "burning the baked meat" is getting stronger. After all the meat taste is not dark, but garlic soy sauce taste is recommended, but it is pretty crispy in the stomach, so it is quite hard to eat two of this.

Familiar, a mountain of bones that remained after meals. It seems difficult to reproduce something like mammoth from here.

Just as we have a campaign to raise one Guratu meat for Christmas, how about buying a person who wants to devour meat at Christmas?

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