"Trouble-Maker" to troubleshoot and train server problem solving ability on purpose

The situation that most system administrators should have experienced is "Something bad is happening and the server is down, but I do not know what is going on." What is tough if you are in the position of a system administrator who manages the server is when it happens when such a problem occurs in the real environment that is running as an actual product.

So useful for this open source software "Trouble-Maker"is.


There are many tools to make the job of the system administrator easier, but it does not manage if you are experiencing an unknown situation. This series of software "Trouble - Maker" differs from existing useful tools, rather than solving problems, it causes problems. When installing and running, "Trouble - Maker" randomly selects one of a series of troubles set in advance, causing a problem to the installed server.

With "Trouble-Maker" you will acquire the following skills.

· Determine which part is accurate in the problem report from the user
· Troubleshooting on startup
· Troubleshoot service setting
· Troubleshoot problems caused by hardware (It is possible to cause problems in the case where hardware is caused virtually)

Also, "Trouble-Maker" itself is made for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (CentOS) but it works on another platform and consists of the following three components.

· Trouble-engine
· Trouble-modules
· Trouble-module-builder

Various documents are maintained as follows, and starting method, options, FAQ are summarized from installation method.

Trouble-Maker Documentation

In addition to RHEL, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Fedora is supported, and it is said that it plans to support Ubuntu · Debian · Gentoo · Sun Solaris · OpenBSD · FreeBSD · Slackware Linux from now on.

In addition,DO NOT INSTALL THIS SYSTEM ON A PRODUCTION MACHINE !!!! (Do not install on the machine system used at work !!!!)So, as for troubleshooting training, make a machine for training to the last, let's do it on that.

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