Software group that monitors multiple servers "BixData"

It is server monitoring software that can run on Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS X. Even commercially available versions that can be used freely can be monitored and up to 30 servers can be monitored centrally.

In addition to monitoring various services such as HTTP, detailed graph output and report output of CPU load, memory, and temperature are also possible. You can graphically create criteria for judging whether a service has dropped, or notifying when a service falls, from a diagram of a conditional branch, and you can also specify a script to be executed at that time.

The software itself consists of BixAgent to monitor, BixServer to gather information sent from the monitoring agent, and BixDesktop to display and check the monitoring result.

Details are as follows.
BixData | Cluster and Systems Management

Free is "Community Edition", and if it is paid "Professional Edition", the number of monitored objects will increase to 1000 servers.

Download it here.

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Since it can operate with various OSs, it is very convenient as it can manage unified management when setting up a server on various OS. Functions can also be extended in plug-in format.

Demo movie by Flash, You can see actual installation and usage.

See here for screenshots and generated graphs.

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It seems quite good.

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