"Geba letter font" which is free for commercial use but overwhelms the viewer and is intimidating

Geba letter"At that time, a mimeograph was used to create a large number of villas, so there was a possibility that the identity would be broken with handwriting, and those developed to fend off the pursuit of public security police and opposition factions In addition to the villa it was also used as a signboard and partisan logo, and apart from that there is also the theory that it comes from the font body used by the nonproductive party before the war and the Communist Party " That character that is used for purposes and activities that may be a noise, but fonts that can be easily created are distributed.

Moyu at himote.org - Geba letter font

A sample of prepared letters looks like this

When it comes to kanji, it becomes like it at once.

So, it is wonder why there is "Moe" in some of the prepared characters.

In addition, it is written in the distribution source site as follows.

Geba character font was produced and distributed by Communist hobbyists. The original distribution page existed in the UG system (abbreviation for the underground system). Due to various circumstances, the comrad author decided to close the distribution page, and at that time, I made a redistribution site. Moyu at himote.org gave a raiding mention, it has reached now. There is a grudge here. But the grudge here is totally isolated (and to laugh at them) with that of the Communists at the street. The answer is obvious from the viewpoint of comrades, why they had to write "Love Hina rational" and Geba letter font.

The rights are as follows.

Geba letter font rights (including parts that have been altered) are held by political association economists (authors). Also, please do not obey the principle "to use on commercial sites · use for commercial magazines etc. We will not take money, otherwise we will be free." (However, there is no way to contact the author, he disappeared from the Internet)

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