"Presentation pattern" that languageizes the secret of creative presentation

Speaking of a person who is a good presenter is a founder of AppleHe died in October 2011Steve Jobs is famous. Although that presentation is wonderful, it is not something you can imitate so easily, but even books that summarize the rules of presentation are published.

Amazon.co.jp: Steve Jobs Amazing Presentation - 18 Laws Attracting People: Carmine · Gallo, Commentator Hitoshi Okamura, Koji Iguchi

If you think "I want to present well," then Keio University Shonan Fujisawa CampusTakashi Iba laboratoryMade "Presentation Pattern: Pattern Language of creative presentationIt is very useful.

The presentation pattern is a languageized version of the secret of "creative presentation". In a creative presentation, there is a message in which feelings are condensed, refreshing the imagination of the listener and devising to bring new discoveries. The presentation pattern is a summary of viewpoints and methods in the design of such a presentation.

... and so it should definitely raise the presentation level if you read this.

Presentation Patterns

Overall view of a presentation pattern. There are 34 recorded patterns in all, and it is configured as shown in this figure.

0. Creative Presentation
Design the presentation to be a "creative presentation" that rethinks the presentation as a "creation" place rather than a "transmission" place, awakens the imagination of the listener and creates new recognition and awareness.

1. Main message
I narrow down the most message to be conveyed to one and take up only the contents related to that message.

2. A gift that resonates with your heart
Think about who you are for this presentation, and how to attract that person will be pleased.

3. Image of success
I will imagine the scene where the presentation to be made succeeds.

4. Story Line
Make a story that is attractive to messages.

5. Search for words
I will search for words that I think are both attractive to both myself and listeners and choose.

6. Chikara in the figure
Create a figure that you can tell at a glance what you want to tell.

7. Sharp
We devise to make the presentation sharp.

8. Surprise development
Thinking what the listener is anticipating, dare to remove from it, brings unexpectedness and impresses.

9. Hatena's Door
I make a composition that listeners' desire to know the future continues steadily from the beginning to the end.

10. Bungo Both Roads
We will modify the expression so that comprehensibility and beauty are compatible.

11. Appropriate amount of information
Adjust so that the amount of information becomes appropriate at every level from whole to part.

12. A little bit of appeal
We will add additional appeal in expression without changing content.

13. Bridge of images
It expresses it with a metaphor and a concrete example that a listener can imagine.

14. Directing the Reality
Produce the reality of experiences and sensations that you want to share, so that the listener can feel themselves.

15. Creating a Place for Participation
Instead of listening passively listeners, create gimmicks and scenes that can participate.

16. Attention to detail
Tackle correcting details with the whole in mind.

17. A good expression of expression
Look at presentations of various people, take in the attractive way that I can make use of myself, try to practice.

18. Eradicate discomfort
Create opportunities to know your discomfort and make efforts to eliminate them.

19. Create a clearance
Rather than saying everything in detail, make room for the audience to imagine.

20. Trigger switch
Include in the presentation the opportunity for the listener to think and act on their own.

21. Take Home Gift
Make the content of the presentation attractive and hand it to the listener in the place of presentation.

22. Finishing the field
We are conscious that facilities and equipment are also elements of the presentation and carefully check and adjust.

23. Remind of success
Language visualization of success image many times, refresh memory.

24. Build confidence
Confirm what you've come up with so far and stick to it one by one, accumulate them and lead to confidence.

25. Cast Spirit
Be aware of yourself being part of the presentation.

26. Best effort
I will not do an excuse, I will do my best I can.

27. To each one
In a posture attempting to tell each audience, consciously presenting while listening to the eyes of the listener.

28. Guide to "the world"
A glimpse of an attractive "world" where listeners are attracted, and leads to it.

29. Improvisation design
Enhance repertoire for improvisation on a daily basis and make a presentation while choosing them improvisually in the production.

30. The end began
Looking back on the whole presentation from the behavior and listener's reactions during the show.

31. Pursuit of identity
In pursuit of self-expression both in content and expression, we are conscious of the differences with other people and create identity.

32. Aesthetics of fascination
Everyday seeking a sense of attraction and having one's own "aesthetics of attraction".

33. Creating a way of life
While living my own "way of living", I live seriously.

It is impossible to realize the pattern of 34 suddenly, but by stacking one by one, the presentation will definitely become better. In addition to the PDF version consisting of two page spreads, this "presentation pattern" has a PDF version with one page of booklet as PDF1 page, so it is convenient to put it in iPad etc in some way.

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