Seven ways to read books happily, put an end to typography

Although the release of young people 's typography is being whispered, I introduce it because there are seven methods for enjoying reading books.

The basic stance is to "read books comfortably without putting your shoulders on your shoulders", but let's see what it is specifically

Details are from the following.7 Pleasurable Ways to Improve Your Reading Ability | PickTheBrain | Smarter Self Improvement

1. First, I read books that I am interested in.
Being motivated to read books, it connects by first experiencing the sense of accomplishment of reading.

2. Read books that fit your reading comprehension or a little difficult book
Because terms that you looked up in dictionaries etc are easy to forget, avoid difficult books. Also feel free to feel comfortable reading and you can habit reading.

3. Thoroughly reading. Also read the books of the same author or books of similar genres
Reading over the same author's book over and over again improves reading comprehension.

4. Listen if you can not understand even after reading
Even if you do not know by looking at the letters, you may find it when you listen with a voice such as a reading tape.

5. Read books without feeling difficult things.
It is a trigger to stir up imagination by reading obediently without thinking difficultly such as logic.

6. I do not care even if I do not understand.
If you mind, reading becomes pain and stops reading books.

7. Read a lot of books anyway.
By reading a lot of books, reading comprehension comes unnoticed.

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