Research reveals that reading is very effective in relieving stress

Many people are looking forward to reading books slowly when commuting or going to school or on holidays, but research has revealed that reading is effective in relieving stress. Also, the stress relief effect of reading is more effective than music / tea time / walk.

In addition, it turns out that it is effective even in a short time reading, and it seems to be a very good stress relief method.

Details are from the following.
Reading 'can help reduce stress' - Telegraph

In a university in Sussex, England, reading of music, viewing of music, listening to music, cup of coffee time, video games and walking tests were examined for heart rate, etc., reading was 68% · music listening was 61% · coffee time 54% · Walking is 42% · Video games are 21% Stress relieving effect appears to have appeared. Also, if you read in a quiet place, you can get more than 60% of stress relief in just 6 minutes.

However, reading the book itself is not important, it is important that you are absorbed enough to forget about the real world, while reading the book is important, unless you are absorbed in the content of the book, the effect is maximized I can not get it.

In the research in this article, it seems that reading is most effective, but in short it is something that you can be absorbed and immersed in as the most stress relieving effect, so people who dislike typing can be immersed in other things It may be good to do it.

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