Change Jimmy · Wales image of Wikipedia to Azu-nyan picture of "K-ON!"

According to a story named information offer from readers, asking for a donation appearing at the top of Wikipedia's screen Changing that image to Azuyan image which appears in "K-ON!" Since it is said that there is a nice script which is pretty nice, I tried it with haste.

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This morning after the test of the computer construction thesis finished, I was looking up the answer with Wikipedia

Got out

It is Jimmy Wales.

Because I felt a bit confident of him who occupied one fifth of the Disk Macbook screen
Always including the meaning of thanks to Wikipedia who has taken care of in the report
I decided to replace it with Azu-chan.

Wikipedia ads on Firefox with your Google Chrome, Opera and Greasemonkey
It will be wonderful.
It seems to work with Safari 5.1.1 + NinjaKit.

Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox (GreasemonkeyIt is said that it has been confirmed with Safari (NinjaKit installed), so I will challenge with Google Chrome this time. First of all access to the following page.

A personal appeal from Azu-nyan for Greasemonkey

Click the "Install" button in the upper right

Click "Continue"

Click "Install"

Installation Complete

This is the pre-installation Wikipedia homepage, founder Jimmy Wales appears

This will be done if you enable this script, Hello hello

There are also such versions of dialogue, let's donate to Wikipedia, let's try to do so

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