Intel's microprocessor reigns its history for the 40th anniversary of its birth

Intel will release the first microprocessor "4004" and celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. IT industryDog yearIt is often said that, as I look back on the history of Intel 's CPU, I feel that it is really hard to predict how this technology will be a few years away.

Intel Museum - History of microprocessors

A 4-bit CPU released by Intel in 1971. It is the world's first commercially available microprocessor.

Tip is like this. There are 2300 transistors.

The 16-bit microprocessor "8086" appeared in 1978. It was the processor which became the basis of the CPU architecture called "x86", after that the x86 architecture became the main stream of the CPU.

80386 (i386)
A 32-bit microprocessor that appeared in 1985. In the first model released, 275,000 transistors, which is more than 100 times 4004, were integrated and adopted as the CPU of high-end PCs and workstations. As a result of repeated fine modifications, something several hundred times faster than the initial 80386 was born.

386 chips.

Pentium was born in 1993. Since it was made as a successor product following 80386 (i386), 80486 (i486), it was thought that it will be named "80586 (i 586)" before the announcement, but only the numbers are registered as trademark with the name alphabet + number It was named as a brand name because it can not be done. In 1995 Pentium Pro internally became a new generation design, in 1996MMXTechnology-equipped MMX Pentium has appeared. The name of Pentium continues to be used afterwards, and in 2005 the first dual core technology adopted CPU is named "Pentium Extreme Edition".

Pentium chip.

This is Pentium II

In 1998, Celeron was born as a low price version of Pentium II. Compared to Pentium, the cache has been scrapped or the extended function has been disabled, so the performance is sacrificed as the price has been reduced. Even with Sandy Bridge microarchitecture currently deployed by Intel, the Celeron brand is alive.

Core i7
Currently, CPU which is the mainstream of high end machines for users is Core i 7 (photo right, Core 2 Duo on the left). It appeared in 2008, quad core with 4 cores in one processor.


"CPU-Zone"In addition to collecting a lot of pictures of Intel's past CPU and so on, it collects the real thing, it sells it as a panel.

This is one example, a panel that gathered the Pentium Pro series. Because it is beautiful and beautiful, it looks good when put in forehead.

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