"Cube file flight" which allows free transfer of up to 500 MB of file transfer without registration

It is unnecessary to register a mail address, up to 100 MB per file, up to 5 files can be uploaded simultaneously so that you can send files to the other party up to a total of 500 MB in this "Cube file flight"is. After uploading the file you will be able to download it if you contact the other party with your own URL and password displayed after uploading the file and the person you contacted will enter the password accessed to that URL.

Cube file flight registration unnecessary file free transmission service

Click "Send file"

Click "Browse" and select the file you want to send

Choose the number of downloadable times from 2 to 10 categories

Click "I agree to the terms and upload"

Wait for the upload to finish

Once it is done, the URL and password will be displayed so copy it and contact the other party via e-mail etc.

The person receiving the contact accesses the URL, inputs the password, clicks "send"

Then the expiration date, the number of times remaining downloads are available, expiration date, etc. are displayed, then downloading starts by clicking on the icon at the right end

In addition, it will become impossible to download as soon as the download count is exceeded

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