"Boring chili peppers · garlic · green onion" further derived from side dish was born for yakiniku

"Because I've eaten most of the side dish type oil so far, I should eat kore ... ... thinking in common sense ..." So buy beef and make it roast and put it on top of it I decided to eat.

In the first place,Bukkake! Side dish oil"Series tried to reduce oil → Curry → Wasabi and so on gradually running in the direction of unknown prototype, derived as a derived new olive oil-based sensation Western style side dish series oil"Ochiai chef's hanging chao! Italian oil", A lot of ingredients condiment saga"Scattered! Sesame oil, grated roe and salt"As the further branching occurred, it finally seemed to fit better with the grilled meat"Burned horse chilli, garlic, green onionThere is a historical background that ... newly appeared. I do not feel like I'm going through a history or something like a train riding a lot, "Eh, what is Momoya doing!", But when you can go, why do not you go crazy! It is up to you to understand it from the product group until it means that it is like the principle of SBS food.

This is the new series of problems, "Umi shabu".

"Burning horse shrimp garlic"Is 108 g for 330 yen, calories are 232 kcal per 100 grams. The raw materials are roast garlic, sesame oil, salt, red pepper, garlic extract and so on, and it smells like the one I saw. I feel that I'm tightly packed, and I'm getting so bad as not to move too much.

next"Uplifully seasoned onions330 yen for 120 grams, 251 kcal for 100 grams for calories. Raw materials are onions, fructose corn sugar liquid sugar, reduced starch syrup, sesame oil, fried onion, sugar, salt, leek, gochujang, red peppers, concentrated lemon juice, garlic, glasspowder, etc. The main is "onion & long leek" Feeling. An awkward thing is in the gods, it is made fragrant again, and it seems that it fits meat very well.

Last is "Uranium burned red peppers330 yen in 100 grams and 655 kcal per 100 grams in calorie, it is a high calorie exceeds the group compared with the first two. Raw materials are rapeseed oil, red peppers, sesame oil, salt, sugar and so on, boil down side dishes and remove unnecessary oil, did it solidify like cement? Something like that. It has made it ridiculous, and the linkage with a side dish of rice bran oil is made blatant. It is a level that you can not even feel like hiding anymore.

Even if I look at it, I will not start so I will get it in haste.

First of all, it's from horse-burning garlic. That moderate tooth touch and texture when carving garlic is intact, the taste is not so salty as I expected, moderate salty taste. Both fragrances of sesame oil and garlic are mixed together without canceling each other, just like the taste for yakiniku. Momoya's "Gnami garlic"Salt taste is much less than that, and it is well understood that it is customized for roast meat.

Next time it is horse - shattered green onion. This is a pretty high-quality taste, it is like stirring down onion and onion, boiling down and condensing natural sweetness and richness as it is. A really nice scent spreads and spreads when putting green onion in hot sesame oil, but it is like feeling compactly put together on the grilled meat. Even cheap meat somewhat makes it look pretty luxurious, so this is pretty good.

Lastly burned horse chili. Surprisingly the impact of taste is weak, compared with "horse shattered garlic" and "Umami burned bonito", and the point that it is not spicy for appearance is just relatives of side dishes or directly descendants themselves. However, whatever it is on rice, the violent invasiveness that forcibly turns the taste, which is the basis of most, into "side dish oil flavor" is hiding the shadow, with the grilled meat Taste that you can shake hands. Therefore, at the beginning, I thought "That is not too much ... ...", but I did not get tired at all, and the one I finally liked was Kore. Even if you just paint a little, even if you put it in a bowl, it is an exquisite taste adjustment that either OK is OK, it is the height of completeness that you want to say "Ohashi, pretty easy ... ...".

So, it seems to fit not only with grilled meat but also bonito skipping, so I tried making it. I will get you.

Uga burned garlic matches the strange texture even better and it feels pretty good. I did not know when I was grilling, but surely this hornet burned series "strongly complement the taste of the material" degree is strong.

It is a taste as if you were born for a bonito battle, if you add a taste of a savory taste such as a sesame seed onions for good, of course, a ginger or other ginger.

The final burned crispy red pepper. The soft part of bonito and the delicious and delicious texture of scorched peppers are fused, making it reminiscent of a menu of taverns or something. It became a feeling that I knew "how to taste the taste" of each of the three people.

As you can see, the "side dish rice oil" boom is no longer going through the boom and has settled, and there is a cycle in which new things are born from there, probably "what should I have like this" Regardless of masterpieces, gems, or getmoons, I feel that it will come out and be commercialized one by one ... .... I am greatly expecting further development in the future.

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