Full Dolce appears in the Royal host, "Italian Fair" Dolce menu

It will be held on October 4 at the Royal HostAdvance tasting of "Italian Fair"We talked about, but here we will post about the Dolce menu that appeared in the tasting party.

Dolce of Italian fair this time is five kinds of "Tira Mi's" "Zukot" "Salami di chocolate" "Semifred of praline" "Coffee tiramisu parfait". At this tasting party, I have tried 4 kinds except "Coffee Tiramisu Paffe".

Family Restaurant Royal Host - Royal Host -

This is the Dolce menu this time. This is an assortment for tasting ceremonies, the menu actually sold is a larger size than this and various items. As for the platter, it is currently under consideration to make the menu.

"Tira Mi s" 472 yen (tax included)

By using 40% of Mascarpone cheese, it is finished in authentic Tiramisu which you can feel Mascarpone firmly.

"Salami Di Chocolate - Tailoring Chocolate Salami" 472 yen (tax included)

A chocolate shaped like a salami is one in which roughly chopped dried fruits, almonds, and sponges are incorporated into chocolate and then cooled and solidified. Dried fruits and almonds are fragrant, with a light sweetness and a gentle mouthfeel, I feel that I want the second piece even if I do not like chocolate. If you eat with the accompanying vanilla ice, you can enjoy a more mellow taste.

"Semifred of praline" 399 yen (tax included)

Ice cake meaning "half" for "Semi" and "frozen" for "Fred". To creamAlmond pralineIt is drawing in. Even if you say ice cake, the texture is close to mousse and so on, almonds smell sweet and light texture and mellow sweetness.

"Zukots" 472 yen (tax included). "Zukotto" is said to originate things about the hat worn by the priest. Originally it is a cake originating from Tuscany in Italy, and in many cases it often cuts out a hall-shaped cake, but in the official menu this time it will come out with a round hat shape. This is a quarter size for tasting.

Nuts and chocolate chips are kneaded in the cream, and the fragrance of nuts and the sweetness of chocolate melt into a fluffy texture, and it has become a taste of a very gentle feeling.

Especially the pasta's "Mushroom Cream Spaghetti" Verini "and the Dolce's" Salami Di Chocolate - Chocolate Salami Tailoring ~ "are quite popular as Royal hosts are challenging with considerable power It was. These 'Italian fair' menu will be available on the Royal host nationwide from 4th October.

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