Persona 4 is a fight fighting game "Persona 4 The ULTIMATE In MAYONAKA ARENA" play movie

"Persona 4 The Ultimate In MAYONAKA ARENA" was playable exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2011. Although this work which made a fan startle with the personna of the popular RPG series becoming a fighting game,"Guilty gear"Series and"Bray blue"It seems that it is finished in a considerably full-scale fighting game by developing with cooperation of the arc system works which develops the series.

Persona 4 The ULTIMATE In MAYONAKA ARENA Official website

At the booth of Ark System Works PV was on air.

The movie below is "Persona 4 The Ultimate In MAYONAKA ARENA" PV. A basic story in PV is also announced from Persona 3 participation of Aegis.

"Persona 4 The Ultimate In MAYONAKA ARENA" Tokyo Game Show PV - YouTube

Of course, a test stand is also installed.

Characters of Persona 4 appear as they are, such as Yu Nakagami and Shinji Hatsumi.

When I was promoting the story mode with one player playing, there was an invasion on the way and I moved to interpersonal fighting.

Character selection screen.

In the lower movie you can see the actual playing situation. This is Yuikami Yu Tsutomu Shinji.

"Persona 4 The ULTIMATE In MAYONAKA Arena" Play movie - YouTube

This is Chichi Satonaka 's same character fight.

"Persona 4 The Ultimate In MAYONAKA Arena" Play Movie 2 - YouTube

It is finished in an exhilarating fighting game with speed feeling that seems to be the arc system works. Like a fighting game of former "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure", it seems to be able to enjoy a combo that combines attack by a persona and attack by a user. PS3 will be released in the summer of 2012.

The gimmick is hidden in the booklet of Persona 4 distributed at the electric blast booth.

You can watch special footage when you shoot a television on the back of the magazine, using "Bear Glasses" that you can download for free on the App Store and Android Market. In addition, it is said that this gimmick is hidden also in publicity materials such as magazines and posters which have already been released, and when you shoot a persona related material for "Persona glasses" you can discover hidden video maybe.

In addition, information on "Persona 4 The Golden" announced at "SCEJ Press Conference" the other day is also released.

"Persona 4 The Golden" will be released in the spring of 2012.

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