Trailer of "Monster Hunter Portable 3rd" Came Out!

A trailer came out of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the sequel to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP anounced today by Capcom.

Videos and pics after the cut!
Here's the trailer.

Here are some screenshots of the trailer.

Looks like a torii gate.

And a Daruma doll?

Then comes an onsen.

Kind of reminds you of Spirited Away.

Hunting, accompanied by two Felyne fighters.

Battle scene.

Some familiar monsters appear.

And a new Field will be introduced.

A frog?


Check out these armour and weapons.

This must be a new monster.

To come out by the end of 2010.

By the way, spinoff called "MonHun Nikki Pokapoka Airu-mura (lit. Monster Hunter Diary Sunny Felyne Village)" will also come out in August, 2010.

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