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When I asked the university student "What is part-time job hiring advantage?" Questionnaire, I found that "hospitality industry", "sales", "instructor / instructor"Popular among occupations that can experience society and acquire basic skillsThat's right.

Also, as a result of asking about points where part-time jobs are useful for job hunting, there are many students who think that "they can learn languages ​​and business manners" is the most opinion, and that contact with society at the very least will lead to hiring better , About 20% of students are aware of job hunting and are choosing part-time jobs, and it is also possible to see that there are few students who are working part-time with job hunting.

So, tomorrowMarch 17. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on March 17th one year ago.

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Today's headline news.
Salad is higher than Big Mac? Economics 101(It is clearly understood that the proportion of the required intake of economy and nutrients is too different from the proportion of subjects of actual subsidies)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Topics say that writers list against the regulation of 2-dimensional child pornography in the city is too great(Society, since there are many wonderful cartoonists indeed, it has become a master list, it seems that this will not be added in all but further additions)

Tohoku Lin Sadowo is good Hundred yen shop pants are mostly ogre pants(Note, verify the robustness of 100 yen pants)

Children will be taught if they do not follow unknown people(Education, children who are not taught "Do not fail" but what to do if failed ")

Unexpectedly low "Fast fashion" awareness What are the strategies of each company to win UNIQLO? | DOL Zoom Up! | Diamond Online(H & M and Forever 21 have already exceeded ZARA's awareness of the economy, which had relatively advanced in Japan)

Second fast speed new MS → Established in college days Yahoo → University students Google → Research project Japanese are not like this?(Entrepreneurship, the possibility of being crushed only by it is profitable if it is conspicuous in Japan)

"Culture will perish" - Miyakata Ordinance "Nonexistent youth" Chibutotsuya, Mr. Toru Nagai and others feel a sense of crisis - ITmedia News(Society, about 300 people gathered attention to standing up with packing)

Opinion about Tokyo Metropolitan Youth health development education revision - MIYADAI.com Blog(Society, the latter half [the risk of operational arbitrariness accompanying expression regulation in general] is very convincing)

Create Gun Chart "GanttProject": Online software you want absolutely to put when you buy a Mac(Software, easy creation and management of flexible Gantt charts can be done)

10 ways for paid link distributors to raise links | Sumi's blog(Net, how to make a paid link to increase the search ranking by linking to a specific page)

Bimho's relationship between 11th binary number and decimal number - Elucidating the mystery of programming: ITpro(Programming, Understanding the basic "binary number" of computers)

'Type of astronaut': From old photos of NASA | WIRED VISION(Space, the spacecraft at that time was a good substitute for almost all custom-made)

Market size is one-sixth of the peak! How to survive in a reduced market seen in the motorcycle industry | Read the economy half a year back by industry | Diamond Online(Economy, 50 cc MT sports type - "Introductory bike" should be managed to be scarcely available)

A suitcase on a scooter | WIRED VISION(It seems very convenient for traveling and moving airports)

A man under stress selects a woman who does not resemble herself, research international news: AFPBB News(Psychology, "Suspension bridge theoryWill it be a new section of "

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Water of Fuji Goko, really a branch? Components hardly match - society(Analysis by the Institute for Environmental Science, if it is water that has flowed over the surface, not food, underwater)

Dreaming again as a dream "to make medical care into growth industry" JBpress (Japan Business Press)(Medicine, Japan is evaluated as offering cheaply and equally rather than high standard of medical technology)

Why can you play the animation DVD with the highest image quality? - Comparison verification with PS3 and Pana 'BW 880', Sony 'EX 200' (1/2) - Phile - web(Panasonic equipped with "Anime mode" that makes it the best image quality for AV, animation)

One-millionth is not a small value(Mathematics, nuclear accident probability "1/1000000" is not so small compared to other values)

Successfully reproducing the influence of "Solar Arashi" Kyoto University - MSN Sankei News(By understanding science, solar storm mechanism, damage can be suppressed)

Only four things people should be aware of making lunches from spring + α - Me, Mr. san. Now you are in my heart.(Cooking, it is important to make it easy to continue by hand cutting)

Yumemi Tsubaki Salon: Members of the U-14 basketball team are all too deca(Sports, a huge team with an average height of 191.4 cm)

Asahi.com: "Dialysis Rahmen" Patient Shopkeeper invented - My Town Okayama(Recipes that reduced food, salinity, phosphorus, potassium as much as possible)Bayer Contest Associate Grand PrixAwarded)

3.141421356 - No gains available today as well(Education, there are too many people remembering to confuse the circle ratio with the square root of 2)

How to register multilingual / multilateral sites correctly in search engines :: SEM R(It is necessary to optimize according to the area targeting net, language setting and domain acquisition)

Do you know which "Hello, World!" Written in 22 programming languages? - Publickey(I'd like to play with Yamanote line game in programming, programming language)

Amazing !!! A great achievement of "clear space education" seen at the bowl of rice store ??? | Shigeki Fujii WEB site | Fujii's Focus For Future Official blog(There is no way to investigate what kind of education, what "guts" really are)

Can not rescue Japanese people Is it a Self Defense Force? I'm interested in national defense and discuss JBpress (Japan Business Press) about what I expect from the SDF(Defense, it is an abnormal situation that these problems are simply a tool of political fighting)

Compare Apple and Google in financial statements: Nikkei Business Online(The answer to the ambiguous question "Economy, whether it is a good company or not" appears numerically in the financial statements)

Five tips to increase repeaters of websites * People's homepage making homepages(Make it impressive that the net has "a lot of good information")

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Osaka city subway, sudden stop in the immediate collision ATC breakdown · Forgotten instruction - Society(It was able to stop at somewhere 70 meters before the train stopped while the social and human error overlapped)

MS Japan corporation, strengthen anti-piracy measures "7" Automatic deletion of malicious software PC & digital camera - Latest news: IT-PLUS(Software, a function to delete software that bypasses activation is installed)

ATC release 6 km, stop just before another train ... Osaka Subway: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Accident, it was entering the railroad which should not enter)

"I thought I was going to die" Nara 5 years old Mother of abuse death: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(To the investigation even if suspected of murder as it may possibly fall under the incident "

Beijing-Shanghai exports next year, China also exports high-speed rail - MSN Sankei News(Railway, high-speed rail based on German and Japanese technology is expected to be exported)

Current affairs dot com: 100 million households nationwide High-speed communication network = school, hospital 1 gigabit class - US FCC(Communication, establishing a communication infrastructure of 100 Mbps or more throughout the United States by 2020)

Current affairs dot com: No problem with problem Prius = Toyota by survey with US authorities(International, a phenomenon causing a sudden acceleration was not recognized)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Bullied in junior high school? Movie shooting city board of education survey - society(Internet service, even in Japan when bullying video is uploaded)

Middle school bullying, videos posted on the net MBS News - MBS Every Day Broadcast News Video Sites -(Internet service, if you check the press releases, you see it as a Nico Nico video)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Inadequate demand, estimated to be around 30 trillion yen Cabinet Office - Business · Economics(Economy, demand has weakened at the worst pace in the past due to depression)

Energy that can "substitute" petroleum, etc. None of nuclear power plants and renewable energy are not magical solutions JBpress (Japan Business Press)(International, "Day to dig deep into the oil" is approaching my eyes)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Popular exercise classroom for obesity epidemic in Eastern Europe · Introduction of junk food tax - International(The tendency to eat too much junk food of economy, high calorie and low price became stronger)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Let's make waffle cliffs of the framework(Succeeded to reproduce the texture of concrete by mixing food and kneaded sesame seeds)

"East Eden Theater Version Ⅱ Paradise Lost" is released! TV Series All Screening All AR Night Events to be held! - Fuji TV "Noitamina" TV Anime East of Eden(Anime, events that can write comments on real time and display them)

"Abolitionist of death penalty" Chiebō Chiba, zero execution in half year: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Politics, do not fulfill the job as a president)

The "security deposit" of the rental housing can be regained! The trump card "Letter security doctor" - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Consultation on houses and security deposits amounts to less than 5000 cases every year)

Hirosue Ryoko's "5 seconds before Mao Koi" as a movie theme song for the first time in 13 years: Film News - If it's a movie eiga.com(Movie, Director Hiroshi Yamamoto's latest work "My unfriendly seniorCovered by Kawashima Marine as the theme song of "

shocking! Sakiya wedding's Jumbo Shumai (Excite Bit Connecta) | Excite News(Jumbo Shumai, which can do sweet fish without sweet cake with food, wedding, huge green peas made from marzipan)

Is it easy to make the seventh lunch box? [Part 1] | web R25(Many people think that they want to make lunch box boys in the new year)

Microsoft has over 10,000 iPhone users inside - Slashdot Japan(There seems to be some employees using iPhone while camouflaging gadgets and bars)

Google releases regular expression library "RE 2" for high speed and low memory consumption - SourceForge.JP Magazine(Under IT, automaton theory, processing time is guaranteed to linearly increase with input)

80% of open source project is Windows compatible - SourceForge.JP Magazine(IT, about 68% for platform independent products, about 95% for POSIX (UNIX / Linux) compatibility)

What are the power of the latest three models? Verification of high sensitivity image quality of backside illuminated CMOS digital camera - Digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(Actual verification at high sensitivity photographing by live-action photographing in a dark scene such as the evening and nighttime where the effect of the camera, back-illuminated type CMOS digital camera is expected most)

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