Excavate fossils of ammonite, a 5-year-old girl that seems to be about 160 million years old

A small child coincidentally discovered an ancient fossil ...... It is a development that can be said to be a royal road suitable for the beginning of fantasy, but in fact 5 years old girl in the UK actually finds a big fossil of 160 million years ago It seems that they succeeded successfully.

Emily Baldry, 5, digs up rare 160 m - year - old fossil at Cotswold Water Park | Mail Online

Emily Baldry who excavated fossils and a fossil of excavated ammonite. Emily was involved in excavation with his father at Cotswold Water Park in Gloucestershire, Southwest England, but a fossil that was over 40 centimeters was discovered.

Ammonite fossils named "Spike" by the shape of the spiral shape are considered to be about 160 million years ago in the late Jurassic, and after leaving Emily's hands, the geologist Neville Restoration work was done by Dr. Hollingworth.

One year later, Emily met with the spike on display at the museum after the restoration, "I got excited to see you again with Spike, than when I first saw him decorated at the museum It also looked more shining and I am very happy. "I tell the pleasure of reunion.

Dr. Hollingworth who restored over a year said, "It is the first time that this type of ammonite was excavated in Britain", but we are evaluating the archaeological value of the excavation, but we decided to excavate with my daughter Jon, the father who participated, said, "When the exhibition is over, we can return home with a spike, but it seems to be a serious thing to keep, because there are little children in our place," I am peeping.

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