That CoCo Ichigaya's curry tastes 2 kinds of "curry ramen" to cup ramen

A new product "CoCo Ichibune shop curry ramen with minced meat / with vegetables" has been introduced, with CoCo Ichiya, famous for curry chain stores, and Ace cook, known for cup noodles, tagged together. Although curry ramen is just a rarity, it is quite unusual, but it is a place where finish is anxious just because familiar Kokoichi is involved.

CoCo Ichibune store curry ramen with ground beef | Product Information | Ace cook Co., Ltd.

CoCo Ichibune store curry ramen vegetables | Product Information | Ace coq Co., Ltd.

These two are "CoCo Ichibune store curry noodles with ground meat / with vegetables". Both are 170 yen without tax.

First of all, from "those with ground beef".

Curry powder is used as raw material.

303 Kcal per serving.

The lid is like a cocochichi.

Open up to half ... ...

I put in hot water.

Wait 3 minutes.

I took a lid as it took 3 minutes.

It mixes well and is completed.

Meat is tiny slime meat.

When eating with slurp, this is a very simple curry noodle. It is stable since it is almost out of the basics of curry taste in cup noodles, but because I was not able to feel the personality that was occasionally, I expect to see shoulder watermarks if I expect "cocoaishish curry flavor". Soup has a somewhat thick and easy to eat because it is entangled with noodles, but impression that simply simple.

Next "vegetables enter". Atmosphere that red package seems to be spicy.

It is a raw material name.

Calorie is slightly lower than 295 kcal per meal, more than "with ground beef".

Curry is also designed for this lid.

Open the lid immediately ......

I poured hot water.

Wait 3 minutes.

Open the lid after 3 minutes ... ...

It will be finished if you mix well.

As "vegetable entertainment" just as there is a relatively large amount of vegetables.

I will get you. As well as "including ground beef", basically it is an impression such as standard curry noodles. I was wondering if the pain is strong from the redness of the package, but it is not that much hot but it feels less painful than the "spicy" curry you eat with cocoa. Neither is average as the curry taste of cup noodles, but there is nothing particularly striking, but it seems to be useful if you want to eat a little bitter eclipse in a hot season.

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