【GIGAZINE reader vote】 Bandai "Cyber ​​One" collaboration illustration decision voting reception → Deadline

From August 9TCG to play online, Net Carddas 'Cyber ​​One' starts service. As many card games are, in this game where many characteristic creatures are appearingSponsored collaborationBy saying that,Premium BandaiYaCarddas.com,Bana Fest Town,Bandai Channel,Professional baseball owner's leagueWe collaborate with enterprises and media like, such as unique creature distribution is being done.

This time, it was decided that collaboration creatures with cyber one and GIGAZINE also appeared there. If creatures appeared at a great pace, I thought that it would be nice to get creatures that could be placed in the deck, or creatures that would be pleased when you got it, but with creatures that would destroy game balance .... By saying that,I decided to have readers choose the design of the creature.

The creature itself is decided as "Demon Lane". Since the ability has already been decided, the point that you choose is "Which card illustration is better?" Since the strength does not change according to illustration, it is okay to say "This picture is good!" By just that one point.

◆ Candidate 1

◆ Candidate 2

◆ Candidate 3

You can vote which daemon lane is better, from the following. Since it is OK with the subjectivity that "This illustration is nice if you get it, please vote.The voting deadline is 23:59 on August 22is.

GIGAZINE .NET questionnaire form(Voting closed on August 23)

Other information from the official website.

Cyber ​​one official website

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