The connection of the blood is a combination of the face, a photograph that synthesized the half of the family members

Canadian photographerUlric ColletteThis is a photograph of Mr. san, who cut out the left half and the right half of the two half of the family respectively. "Mazinger ZBaron Ashi appears in "Batman"ofTwo FaceAlthough it is a face reminiscent of a family member, there are many similar parts only to families who are related to blood, and make them feel like "I am similar in family".

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Split Family Faces - My Modern Metropolis

Twin Laurence and Christine (20 years old). Because it is twin, I have a very similar face, but the impression on the left and right is quite different depending on the hairstyle and makeup.

Cousin-to-cousin Justine (29 years old) and Ulric (29 years old). There are cases where the face is not similar as if it is a cousin, but they seem to be doing quite similar in their case.

Brothers Matthew (25 years old) and Ulric (29 years old). Although I get impression from the point where the eye color is different on the left and right, the point of the ear is different, etc., it seems to be said that the overall is similar.

The combination of older sister and brother Karine (age) and Dany (25 years old) are similar in outline and nose ridge, but due to the big difference between hairstyle and beard, it is unnatural atmosphere.

Brothers Christopher (30 years old) and Ulric (29) who also look like twins. It is almost similar except for somewhat different eye color and ear position.

Laval (56 years old) and Vincent (29 years old) are parent and child. I feel a sense of incompatibility because the eyes are quite different on the right and left, but it looks like the whole outline and parts.

Also parent and child Denis (53 years old) and William (28 years old). William is similar enough to imagine easily after 20 years that Denis could wrinkle like that and cheeks would come down.

It is parent and child Nathan (7 years old) and Ulric (29 years old) to make you feel strong incongruity. It feels unnatural because the left and right eyes are quite different, but as you look closely it seems that the parts are already similar, so when Nathan becomes an adult he seems to be very similar to his father.

Also parent and child Francine (56 years old) and Catherine (23 years old). There are discomfort due to hairstyle and eyes, but overall there are similar impressions.

Sisters of Catherine (23 years old) and Veronica (29 years old) are similar to the eyes and eyebrows.

Finally parent and child Veronica (29 years old) and Francine (56 years old). It is similar enough to make me think that it was a look like Veronica when Francine was young.

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