Yahoo! Days' invitation limit is 100 at the same time

"Yahoo! We will distribute the invitation of SNS 'Yahoo! Days' - GIGAZINECurrently I am sending an invitation from one end, apparently it seems I can send up to 100 at the same time.

In other words, if the person who sent the invitation registers, it will become possible to send the invitation again as the empty slot increases.

So, it is theoretically that recruitment will be on August 4 (Friday) until 23:00, all.

Details are as follows.
100 screens When you run out you will see this screen

So, someone can register again after a while registering.

That's why it is in a state where the rows are completely formed. Although the person who is ye who does not reach it has been sent is at the rear of the row, the invitation will surely arrive soon.

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