Script to mutually convert complicated time units "Time Mutual Conversion"

Because of the necessity of dealing with overseas news in various ways, it is often necessary to convert the unit of time and to necessarily calculate what time it is in Japan time.

This "time interconversion" script is useful in such cases.

Details are as follows.
Time mutual conversion

Program-time mutual conversion

UNIX type OS time, Julian day, quasi Julius day, Julius history (Greenwich mean time), Vana deal time (FINAL FANTASY XI), Greenwich mean time (GMT), date change line, east side (IDLE), date line, Japan Standard Time (JST), Korean Standard Time (KST), China Gulf Coast Time (CCT), Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central Midwestern Standard Time (CST), American Mountain Time Standard Time (MST), USA Australian Central Time (PST), Hawaii Standard Time (HST), Eastern Europe Time (EET), Central European Time (CET), Western European Time (WET), Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), Central Australia Time (ACST) , Australian Standard Time (AWST), Baghdad Time (BT), Iranian Time (IT), Israel Standard Time (IST), Danish Standard Time (DNT), Norwegian Standard Time (NOR), New Zealand Standard Time (NZST), Guam Standard time (GST), Java time Can be converted to each other.

It will be very helpful if you do so far.

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