Cesium's problem with CM terminated a lot, protests to Tokai TV surpassed 10,000

During program broadcasting of Tokai TV's morning information program "Peekan TV"Misrepresentation such as "Doubtful rice cesium" in the gift winner of Koshihikari from Iwate PrefectureIn response to the problem, companies that sponsored to Tokai Television have decided to terminate commercials and to step down their sponsors one after another.

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First of all, it came to move to stop offering the CM, the National Federation of Mutual Aid Farmers' Cooperative Association (JA mutual aid). About "Friday Prestige" on August 5 the next day when "Cesium Mr." problem occurred, CM was suspended only in the area of ​​Tokai TV.

About the provision of CM to the information program "Nijiro Jean" broadcast nationwide on Fuji Television series on August 6 following the Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives Federation (JA Central), Aichi, the broadcast area of ​​Tokai TV, We stopped only in the three prefectures of Mie and Gifu. However, I only decided to offer this day, and it is considered that the future response is under consideration.

Subsequently, the Norinchukin Bank was discontinued offering "Mr. Sazae" on August 7th, "Mezamashi TV" on the 8th. Regarding the reason for termination of CM, Norinchukin Bank has commented on "the meaning of the protest" and JA mutual aid commented "I judged it as an inappropriate broadcasting station to shed CM."

And the sponsor of "Peekan TV" which broadcasted the problem scene also announced discontinuation of CM offering one after another. The discontinuation of the offering of commercials that agricultural cooperatives-related groups have been doing to Tokai Television will also expand to private companies that have offered to "Pekkan TV". By the way, since "Peekan TV" was broadcasting from Monday to Friday at 9:55, it is in the form that each sponsor was attached to each day.

Although Tokai Television has not announced the list of sponsors of the program, Miki House acknowledged that he provided the CM every Friday for the interview of the Yomiuri Shimbun, "The censoring (provided by CM) is a problem I immediately broke down on the day of the occurrence and informed the staff in charge at the office that I came to apologize and reported it, "he said that he decided to abort the offer.

It was sponsored from July 2011Aichi ken Seikatsu shrineAlso decided on the policy to get off the sponsor on August 8, says Shoumi Usui, "We can not cooperate even if the program resumes."

Local bakery baker in local NagoyaFujibanHe has already dropped off sponsors on Tuesday and Friday. In response to about 50 inquiries and complaints concerning this case, "From severe opinions from viewers one after another, harming corporate image if continuing CM provision" will be discontinued from August 5 from the commercial, Even if we resume it we are showing the idea that it is difficult to offer the CM again. Aeon, a major retailer, also decided to offer CM from August 9.

Famous Japanese-style confectionary store in Gifu localKawakamiyaHas been sponsoring for over 10 years and has offered audience gifts to the program, but the company president Yoshiro Hara tells us "If we continue the CM, we will be the target of criticism," CM is temporarily paused I am deciding.

Tohai TV said that they are requesting sponsors to continue offering commercials, but naturally the bad weather is strong, and from the large enterprises to the local shops that have sponsored programs for many years as mentioned above, many The company decided to terminate. For the Tokai TV receiving a lot of cooperation from local companies, based on locally-based programming, it seems that it has become a serious blow to receiving CM from the sponsors as well as receiving the sponsorship descent from these sponsors .

Also, a lot of protests have been received from viewers, and a total of 13,000 protest calls and e-mails such as "Do not be fooled" by 5 pm on August 8 "President Iwate came to apologize" It is said that it is.

Currently "Peekan TV"For the time being, we decided to pause broadcastingIn the broadcasting frame of the same programWe will broadcast ONE PIECE's rebroadcast and "Tom and Jerry Tales" until August 12 (Friday), and from the next week of August 15 (Monday) "Adjusting"As it is displayed, it seems that the outlook is not yet established as to what kind of content this broadcasting frame will be constructed in the future.

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