"Cesium-san" verification program was broadcast decision in August, in addition to Tokai three prefectures, even in Iwate Prefecture

During the morning information program "Peekan TV" broadcastingMisrepresentation of telop such as "doubt rice cesium"It was announced that it will be broadcasting in the middle of August the verification program on the problem that was made.

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): a mis-telop problem, a verification program during August Tokai Television - Society

[PDF] About "apology, circumstances, our company's response to inappropriate broadcasting within" Pekkan TV "broadcast on August 4" Press conference overview

The verification program will be produced by the verification committee launched in the Tokai Television Company, but as a third party the Sophia University newspaper departmentYoshihiro Oto (Oto Yoshihiro)Professor also said that it will participate.

Although it was supposed to broadcast a verification program at the earliest possible time, the date and time of broadcasting and the contents have been said to be "undecided" so far. It is quite a steep impression that the broadcast during this month was declared when today is the last few days in August, but it is thought that it is a decision that gives priority to the early description of the problem.

Although the broadcasting area of ​​Tokai Television is three prefectures of Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures, it is proceeding in the direction to broadcast also in Iwate Prefecture as a special example to show the attitude of the disaster area to prevent recurrence. In the first place, the telop "Doubtful Rice Cesium" was the content written in the flip for viewers present for Hitmoibure from Iwate Prefecture, right after the incidentIwate Prefecture protested against Tokai Television when an erroneous indication slurred slanderIt was thought that special broadcasting in Iwate prefecture will be done even in the afflicted area because there was also one act called.

The program "Piccan TV" which had already broadcasted the ticker of the problem was a longevity program which had been continuing for 14 years, but it was terminated by this one case and rebroadcast of "GTO" and "ONE PIECE" during August, 9 After entering the moon, it is broadcasting a drama such as "Shomuni" and filling the frame. Although Asano's president is the first company to dispose of officers' remuneration by 50% for up to three months, disposition has already been done, but it will draw attention to whether the internal circumstances that are not such part are revealed by the verification program.

August 29, 2011 11:17 postscript added
There is an official announcement from Tokai TV, details such as airing time are decided. It is that we will stop broadcasting in Iwate Prefecture but deliver the video on the site after the airing.

"Cesium Mr." The title of the verification program and the broadcast date and time are determined, nationwide delivery also - GIGAZINE

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