I tried calling KBS Kyoto whether "Kodomo no Jikan" will be broadcast or not

Final stages of "School Days", "Higurashi When They Cry 4"Recently late-night late-night anime broadcast pauses. Until now, the television station side who considered problematic representation as a problem is "a self-restraint because broadcasting and complaints are not a problem," broadcasting is suspended as a complaint comes from viewers ", a certain meaning as a television station It begins by taking an attitude only to avoid liability. Of course, there are some broadcasting stations broadcasting without problems.

And this time, in the course of this series of broadcast pause and self-restraint "Children's dayIt is said that the animation called "Animation is being put in a crisis of broadcast pause. A cry from a grief scene on the official blog (Part 1,Part 2,Part 3) Has been posted, and it has a different aspect from the past.

So, as each station decides to stop broadcasting "Kodomo no Jikan", there is a possibility that it will become the fastest terrestrial broadcasting as it isKBS KyotoI called and asked.
The place I called the KBS Kyoto audience center.

According to the person in charge "It is currently under discussion on whether to broadcast or not, so it can not be said either way at this pointThat thing. Whether there is notice if there is notice is that there is a possibility that it may not be able to be posted if there is enough room, so if you want to watch it, those who want to watch are checking the website frequently until the broadcast time, It seems to be sure to keep waiting.

By the way, KBS Kyoto had a video that could recall the killing of the father of Kyotanabe City in Kyoto Prefecture, so we scheduled to broadcast from 26:30 on September 21"Higurashi no naku koro ni solveu" is pausedI did it, but nowBroadcast a week laterdoing.

The 30-second version of the program advertisement CM looks something like this. It also flowed properly at KBS Kyoto, but what about it all going on?

15:55 Additional description
A statement of AT-X announcing that the broadcast stop at AT-X "Because permission of broadcasting with viewing age limit was not done" was announced.

Inquiries concerning "What's New" "Children's novelty" [2007.10.11] Anime special channel on a one-rank AT-X

Moreover, TV Saitama said, "In consideration of the social situation in recent years, as a result of consideration, we canceled broadcasting."

Anime - Tereball

It seems that the recent social situation is referring to child prostitution case etc. of the elementary school principal of Sapporo.

Kodomo no jikan: TV Saitama stops broadcasting Consideration for the prostitution child prostitution case of Sapporo (Mittal web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

It seems that it was thought that it is difficult to animate this work even in the animation industry, roar producer of animated Bandai visual is called "brave" from a friend. Details are in the following article.

Asahi.com: 3 Super Unique Manga Comics in Anime - Comimi Review

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KBS seems to have started broadcasting safely in Kyoto.

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