"Shigofumi" episode 6, Broadcast cut as the content is inappropriate in Sun TV

"Shigofumi" being broadcasted at UHF stations nationwide and BS11 nationwide.Sun TVEvery Tuesday at 26:10 has been broadcasting, but the 5th episode of "Tadaima" on February 5 (Tuesday) broadcast cuts the notice of the 6th episode, it is not a broadcast pause Although it was rumored to be a rumor, when I asked Sun TV, the sixth talk seems to be cut because the contents are inappropriate.

In addition, seems to be scheduled to be broadcast as usual since the seventh episode.

Details are as follows.

Shigofumi is a story that Shumowhumi deliveries Fumika will deliver letters from dead people, the sixth episode "Salmonbi" seems to be a theme on schools and anonymous bulletin boards, and this content is He said he decided it was inappropriate. Episode 6 On February 12 of the broadcasting day, the broadcast will be paused, February 19 will broadcast the seventh episode, and the sixth episode will be cut. It is said that there is no schedule to broadcast the sixth episode again at a later date.

In addition, it also broadcasts Shigofumi in the Kansai regionKBS KyotoAs I tried asking, I heard that it is scheduled to broadcast as usual.

Sun TV has previously broadcasted the twelfth episode of "Higurashi When They Cry at the Night" that KBS Kyoto postponed the broadcast a week, as it was broadcasted as it is, this time It seems that it did not go out.

· 21:25 postscript
The official website also announced the suspension of the broadcast of the sixth episode of Sun TV.

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