Picture of the scenery shot at Pittsburgh of "Dark Knight Rising" Various

Christopher Nolan"Directed by"Batman · Begins"dark Knight"Which is the final version of the Batman series trilogy following"Dark Knight Rising(The Dark Knight Rises)"Has been decided to be released in North America in July 2012, the shooting is now taking place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It has taken quite a lot of shooting and its appearance has been uploaded considerably to YouTube. Since the scene that appears in the movie is naturally included, please be careful if you do not want to touch everything spoiler.

First of all, practicing scenes of jailbreeding scenes.

Jailbreak Riot Practice - The Dark Knight Rises - YouTube

Many extras are in pairs of two people, and practicing the commotion.

In the second half, the people of the press played steadily into the set.

The policemen and the marines are also practicing fighting.

Cops and Mercenaries Practice Fighting! - YouTube

I noticed that there is a camera shooting themselves.

And I will challenge to the real number.

Batman and the villain of this work, Bain appear in this set.

Batman and Bane on Set! - YouTube

Before shooting starts, Batman enters standby.

Bene is under the umbrella.

It seems that we will start preparing for arrangements from now on.

A battle meeting scene of Batman and Bain.

Batman and Bane Choreographing Fight! - YouTube

It seems that Batman and Bain fight in the surroundings as police officers and Marines become fussling fights, and a meeting of movement is done in a large amount.

So the scenery of this scene (like this) is here.

Batman and Bane Fighting at City Hall (Filming The Dark Knight Rises) - YouTube

Batman and Bain advance toward the right side of the screen while fighting and the camera follows from the left side.

This is a shooting scene of a scene where Bain is becoming indifferent on the bat mobile / tumbler.

Bane Standing on Tumbler! (Filming The Dark Knight Rises) - YouTube

Bain is pulling out paper, but it does not seem to be watching the script.

Subaruwrxfan who shot this movie has found a lot of vehicles used for shooting in town.

Tumblers, Gotham News Trucks and Vehicles - Pittsburgh - YouTube

While traveling through the city, I encountered a very large trailer.

Vehicle storage area for shooting.

A reporting vehicle of GOTHAM CABLE NEWS (Gotham Cable News).

We also have many places here.

Gotham City 's license plate is attached.

This is Gotham taxi which was parked in the city.

Gotham Taxi Cabs in Pittsburgh - 41st Street - YouTube

Is it a sign called "this set ahead"?

A forgiving Gotham taxi. Whether it is okay to ride ......

Bat Mobile Tumbler runs in the city of Pittsburgh.

Tumblers Rolling onto Pittsburgh Set! - YouTube

Three bat mobile / tumbler going out of the parking lot.

3 Tumblers (Batmobile) DRIVING On The Streets !!! - YouTube

Because the tumblers are not making so much speed, photographers are desperately running and chasing.

Continuously, I take pictures of turning the tumble slowly and turning around.

Tumbler (Batmobile) Close-up Details! - YouTube

The scene where the batmobile / tumbler is running vigorously.

Tumblers DRIVING Up Steps !! (Filming The Dark Knight Rises) - YouTube

You can see that it is not just Haribote or CG, but you are running a real car and shooting it properly.

A bride and groom visited the batmobile / tumbler.

Bride and Groom CLIMBING On Batmobile (Tumbler) !! - YouTube

Receiving the cheers from the photographer, the groom corresponding to it.

It is unknown whether the bride and groom appears in the movie or whether I came to see this shoot by chance.

This is a shoot of a scene that blows up the door.

Blackgate EXPLOSION! (Filming The Dark Knight Rises) - YouTube

In "Dark Knight", Joker was playing a bank robbery, but who is going to act like this for this purpose in this work?

Lastly, Nolan was in the shooting site.

Christopher Nolan with Tumbler and Taking Coffee Break (Filming The Dark Knight Rises) - YouTube

The shooting took a small pause.

In the middle of the screen, Christopher Nolan is the man who is drinking coffee wearing a black jacket.

The movie will be released in July 2012, and Noran's "Batman" series will be completed with this.

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