Astonishment making image showing that battle scenes which can only be considered as "CG of" Dark Knight Rising "were photographed using real cars, crowds, stadiums

The trailer of "Dark Knight Rising" also contains a powerful image such as a brawl by a tremendous number of crowds, flying vehicles, full-blown scenes of the football court.

The Dark Knight Rises - Official Trailer # 4 [HD] - YouTube

None of them are scenes that are so far apart from real scenes but it seems to be only "real CG", but when you look at the official making image, in reality most scenes actually cause explosions on the scene or collect countless extras You can see that it is a taken picture.

◆ Making picture

The early stage is the same as the previous trailer, but the appearance of the shooting site will appear from around 6:20 minutes.

The Dark Knight Rises Featurette - Extended Inside Look - Trailer Addict

First of all, scenes where a plane has hanging airplane wreckage and a person is attached there.

Although it is a hazz which thinks that it synthesizes the image taken in front of the blue screen and the sky background actually because it is a state of perfect risk regardless of any thought, but it seems that the making image actually hangs the set in the air Yes.

The human being attached to the debris is also authentic.

You can also see the hanging from the rear of the airplane with a strap like this.

Even if you look up, it is human as well.

The scene where a tremendous number of people in a town is bothered and battled may be thought that it is padding with CG because too many people appear too much ......

This scene is actually taking a tremendous number of people in town and shooting. By the way, the director Christopher Nolan of this work is the one who wore the brown vest on the right of the picture.

I am using the equipment like a heavy machine at the construction site and shooting.

The guide board is also "Gotham" which is the stage of the work properly.

A tremendous number of extras.

The camouflaged car is stopped.

When the camera is ready ......

Nolan started shooting by shouting "Arcion!"

A myriad of people run by doododo dogs.

The policeman also snowed down ... ...

Clash, big brawl.

Looking from above it looks like this. It is finished to the extent that it seems that it is already a main part image, but since it is reflected in the camera, it is no doubt that it is a making image.

The scene where the car thrusts into the building while it is burning up is also taken with the vehicle to which the fire was actually attached.

The bombing scene in the city also shoots the real flame blown up from the building as follows.

Car also Dawn.

The underground scene was actually taken up by assembling the set in a huge warehouse.

When you look at continuous pictures, you can see that the set is assembled and it is being refurbished according to the scene.

The scene where the whole football court is blown up is also taken at the actual stadium.

The letter "GOTHAM" on the light board.

Director Nolan who takes command at the site.

A lot of extra standby in the audience seats.

When the camera turns ......

Actually the coat's lawn will explode one after another in front of the audience.

Flying flying vehicles will also appear in this volume, but as it is difficult to actually skip this type of thing indeed, it is hard to think that CG is whole ... ....

The real thing exists.

Of course, it really can not fly in the sky, so it seems to be connected by the arm and the underlying car.

The images from the in-vehicle camera are as follows.

The design is like this.

It is assembled in the studio.

A picture taken.

◆ TV Spot

In this way, some of the images captured with a huge set, a stuntman, a large amount of extras, etc, instead of CG, also appeared in the following TV commercials that were shed before the theatrical release nationwide, When I look again after the making image, I can understand that 'that scene would be like this!'

The Dark Knight Rises - TV Spot 14 - YouTube

The Dark Knight Rises - TV Spot 16 - YouTube

In addition, 'Dark Knight Rising' in Japan is pre-screened on 27th July (Fri) and released on Saturday 28th (Sat).

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