Illustrate "world coffee consumption", what is the difference between the country that drinks the most and Japan?

Many people around the worldhow to drinkIt is popular among coffee, but how much is each country consumption? In order to answer such a question,trip advisorHas disclosed infographics that illustrate the top 30 coffee consumption in the world in an easy-to-understand way.

Coffee consumption in the world TOP 30 Visit the world with info graphics on the advisor

Coffee consumption in the world is ranked first in Luxembourg which consumes 2844 cups per capita annually, according to which it calculates that it consumes about 8 cups of coffee a day per person. Among the top ten, only coffee bean producers are Brazil (11th), Honduras (25th), Venezuela (28th), only. Japan, consuming 340 cups of coffee a year, was the 29th place, which resulted in consuming about 0.9 cups a day.

◆ Number of annual cups per capita

1st place: 2844 cups of Luxembourg
2nd place: 1212 cups of Finland
3 rd place: 946 cups of Denmark
4th place: 921 cups of Norway
5th place: Switzerland 799 cups
6th place: 789 cups of Sweden
7th place: 679 cups of Germany
8th: 646 cups of Austria
9th: 635 cups of Canada
10th place: 606 cups of Slovenia

11th place: 582 cups of Brazil
12th: 577 cups in Italy
13th place: 547 cups of France
14th: 533 cups of the UK
15th: 504 cups of Cyprus
16th: 488 cups of Belgium
17th: 485 cups in the Netherlands
18th place: 469 cups in Estonia
19th place: 428 cups of Spain
20th: 411 cups of America

21st: 409 Lithuania cups
22nd: 407 cups of Portugal
23rd place: 382 cups of Australia
24 th place: 374 cups of Slovakia
25th place: 362 cups of Honduras
26th: 358 New Zealand cups
27th place: 342 cups of Algeria
28th: ​​341 cups of Venezuela
29th: 340 cups of Poland
30th place: 340 cups in Japan

◆ Number of daily cups per person

1st place: Luxembourg 7.79 cups
2nd place: Finland 3.32 cups
3rd place: 2.59 cups of Denmark

By the way, this infographic graphic illustrates coffee in detail for each type, and the simple questions of "How is cafe au lait and cappuccino different?" Is also solved.

◆ How to extract coffee

· Drip type extraction
Coffee: 100% coffee
Cafe au lait: coffee 50% · milk 50%

· Espresso formula extraction
Espresso: Espresso (a deep roasting finely ground coffee beans were packed in a cup type metal filter and extracted under pressurething) 100%
Caffe latte: Steam milk 80% · Espresso 20%
Cafe Amelicano: Espresso 20%, hot water 80%
Cappuccino: Espresso 30% · Steam milk 30% · Form milk 40%
Cafe MAKIATE: Espresso 60% · Steam milk 40%
Cafe Moka: Espresso 20% · Steam Milk 70% · Mocha (Chocolate) Syrup 10%

This isInternational Coffee OrganizationFrom the issued "Monthly coffee market report (January 2012)", it was made with data of ICO member countries only. The amount of beans used for a cup of coffee,Key coffeeIt is calculated by 10 grams from the home page of.

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