Cup Noodle Chill Tomato and Seafood Combine "Chill Tomato Seafood and Tomatoes"

In order to celebrate the cup noodles' 40th anniversary this year, "powerful tag series" that mix existing popular menu such as curry and seafood has been developed, the second of which is mixing chiritomato and seafood "Chill tomato seafood further tomato" is.

Cup noodle Chill tomato seafood further tomatoes | product information | Nissin Foods

This is "Chill tomato seafood further tomato". In addition to mixing chill tomatoes and seafood, I also added tomato as ingredients further.

Allergic substances and so on. The soup seems to be a mixed soup of chill tomato noodles and seafood noodles.

Calorie is 329 kcal per meal.

Raw material name is like this.

When opening the lid, the smell of chill tomato style attaches to the nose rather than seafood.

I poured hot water.

Close the lid tightly and wait for 3 minutes.

Since 3 minutes passed, I tried taking a lid. It seems that ingredients are quite large.

Especially remarkable is tomato. Because it is contained in a lot, there is only thing that there is "further tomatoes" in the product name.

I tried eating with Zulzuru. There is Chile Tomato as a base of taste, and it seems that it is mild due to seafood. There is little spicy, and plentiful tomatoes match well with seafood ingredients such as cuttlefish and fish meat pastry products. It is easy to eat as it is crispy as a whole, but there may be people who feel it is unsatisfactory because of it.

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