An impressive 61 photos of the 1900's and 1940's enjoyable in color

I also made an articleRussian Empire era photographerSergei · Prokudin = GorskyThere are 61 photos taken in Russia in the 1900s and the USA in the 1930s and 1940s. Even those who do not care about America or Russia will feel like a nostalgic feeling somewhere.

Color Photos From 1900-1940s (62 pics)

1:Sunni Muslims wearing traditional costumes (1904)

2:Men standing in the tea field (1905)

3:Russian farmer's woman (1909)

Four:Saint Nile Abbey (1910)

Five:Women peeling vegetables (1910)

6:Three generations of parent and child (1910)

7:Bukhara chief Alim Khan (1911)

8:The man sitting on the rock of the river side is Sergei · Prokudin = Gorsky himself photographer (1911)

9:Prisoners of Hungarians captured in Russia (1915)

Ten:Women wearing timeless bathing suit "Ladies' Home Journal1 page (1932)

11:The boy is eating cookies (1936)

12:Children enjoy American football (1936)

13:Female flower hat on "McCall Magazine" (1937)

14:Portland gardens in Oregon state (1938)

15:Is it a place to put a letter in a mailbox (1938)

16:A woman holding a ribbon (1939)

17:Dancing party in Oklahoma State (1939)

18:Men carrying birds in hand at Miami Beach, Florida (1939)

19:People who play at Oklahoma party (1939)

20:Settlers photographed in Paytown, New Mexico (1940)

twenty one:Children are collecting potatoes in Aruostock County, Maine (1940)

twenty two:State of Louisiana farm security management cooperative (1940)

twenty three:Settlers living in Paytown, New Mexico (1940)

twenty four:Children living in Brockton, Massachusetts (1940)

twenty five:Settlers who enjoy barbeque in New Mexico (1940)

26:It is a state of a liquor store handling beer and whiskey

27:A fish store in Nakhitosh, Louisiana (1940)

28:The cover of "McCall Magazine" whose mother teaches knitting to her daughter (1940)

29:A set of movies called "Arizona" (1940)

30:American Airlines flight attendant sitting on the shore of Lake Michigan (1941)

31:Girls gathered at festivals in Vermont province (1941)

32:Students who are trained for war at Washington High School (1941)

33:People who run in Georgia in a horse-drawn carriage (1941)

34:Children of Washington, D.C., who plays with a bar as a gun (1941)

35:People who are reaping cotton in Georgia's lease (1941)

36:A woman who is ironing (1941)

37:Girls and parents are standing in stores at shops

38:A woman in a pink swimwear sitting on the rock of the cape (1941)

39:Women who arrived at the swimming pool (1941)

40:"Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey CircusA famous circus group of America (1941)

41:The state of the Fulton Market in New York (1941)

42:A festival held in Rutland, Vermont (1941)

43:US Marines who flew South CarolinaBlocking balloon(1942)

44: "P-51Female employees who manufacture "(1942)

45:I am making a naval bomberDouglas · AircraftEmployee (1942)

46:"Under training at Fort Knox in KentuckyM3 Medium Tank"(1942)

47:A boy in Robstown, Texas, is assembling an airplane model (1942)

48:A boy living in Cincinnati (1942)

49:Beecher Street School of Connecticut State (1942)

50:Shot in Virginia "A-20Maintenance scenery of (1942)

51:"M4 Medium TankCrews (1942)

52:A female worker of Douglas Aircraft at Long Beach in California (1942)

53:It is a test pilot of Douglas · Aircraft (1942)

54:A carpenter working in Tennessee (1942)

55:New York soft drink stand (1942)

56:rivetWomen striking (1943)

57:Texas rural school (1943)

58:Welder in Chicago (1943)

59:A woman in a raincoat is the cover of "McCall Magazin" (1943)

60:A woman working in Nashville, Tennessee has a dive bomber "meaning revenge"Vultee A-31 Vengeance"(1943 years) is assembled

61:"Whitman's ChocolatesAdvertisement of (1945)

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