TACK & BUNNY Blu-ray full volume dubbed behind-the-scenes second volume release event

Anime currently on airing "TIGER & BUNNYIn celebration of the release of Blu-ray Volume 2 's event, an event was held at Ariake's TFT Hall.

Mr. Hiroaki Hirata of Mr. Takagi · T · Tora Toru, Mr. Seiichi Morita of the role of Burnaby · Brooks Jr., Mr. Yukiko Sumiki as Carina Lyle, and Mr. Kenjiro Tsuda as Nathan Seymour play a part in the thought and the after record of the work It is the first time to tell the story behind the scenes, and this time it is the first time that casts will appear.

Event casting A collective shot by cast members. Mr. Kenjiro Tsuda, Mr. Seiichi Morita, Mr. Hiroaki Hirata, Mitsuko Susumu, Mr. Takeshi Inoue from the left.

In Ariake's TFT Hall, which was the venue, 430 fans who won the drawing wrapped up. Mr. Hirata and Mr. Morita were in charge of the announcement of the point of notice before the performance, and the talks between Tora Toru and Burnaby were performed live. In the voice of Toragori "everyone, the event of TIGER & amp; BUNNY will soon be in action soon! I'm waiting with a good girl to be seated properly!" Cheers are raised from the crowd, The excitement will gradually increase.

A special image was inserted everywhere, including the beginning of the event, but the hero 's rock bison, the impressive sponsor' s logo, plays a special role in "HERO TV" MC. A cast in the local place against the secret word spinning of Kusunoki Daike who is the role of Rock Bison, put Tsukkomi in, and there were scenes where Kusunoki's excitement was raised.

Rock bison which is familiar with the nickname associated with the sponsor logo

Cast appeared, each character reading the decided dialog of the character to play. Mr. Hirata shouted the phrase "I came, Wild Tiger!" Cried when Toragpuri appeared in one episode.

Wild Tiger playing Mr. Hirata (Saki, T, Torao)

Mr. Morita said "I will go, uncle" as a whisper, with the voice of Burnaby who did it.

Mr. Morita plays Burnaby · Brooks Jr.

Mr. Susumu reads Blue Rose's decision zelph "My ice is slightly cold, hold your wrong completely"!

Blue Rose acting by Mr. Sushi (Carina Lyle)

Mr. Tsuda shouts "Fayeyan" with an okama tone, which seems to be a fire emblem. Every time casts appeared, there was great encouragement from the venue.

Tsuda-san's Fire Emblem (Nathan Seymour)

Each cast appeared as a clothing that conscious of the character that plays. A lot of the story behind dubbing began to pop out.

Despite the fact that the voice cast is on sale, the uniqueness of Hiroshi Iwasaki's dubbing scenery which Mr. Saito of a mechanic whose voice is small enough to enter subtitles is sometimes discussed. Even if I was next to you, the voice was not heard, but sound director Eriko Kimura gave us instructions saying "Please make it smaller" and a thorough voice recording was done, Mr. Hirata, who was next to me at the time of recording Even so, I realized Iwasaki-san did not notice it until I declared himself bothered. Mr. Tsuda and Mr. Kusugi are trying to screw in ad libs so that it is a difficult situation that dubbing sites are in trouble to keep a laugh.

In the middle of the event, Animate TV's web radio "Tsudakami Roadshow Radio in the Hall"Public recording of the work was done. Details can be confirmed on the web radio broadcasted in July, but it was quite a unique project, such as doing a questionnaire "Who would you be a lover in the hero?" On the Okama Bar.

The first part of the 15th episode broadcasted in the late night of the event (about 10 minutes in the first half) will be announced quickly and the first cheer will be raised on this day. And after the screening, Tsuyoshi Inoue role of sky high who became the main character of this time appeared as a surprise guest raising a cry of "Thank you, thank you!"

I told him that there was something I had wondered why the Sky High will cry out his name at the outset about the production of shouting out his name when casting the skill.

Inoue-san's sky high

In the project of cast casting illustration and showing "I do not like this hero", because the illustration I drew was small, Mr. Hirata raised a sketchbook and descended to the audience seat and went around round the round.

The staff members are wearing Official Goods' HERO TV T - shirts, and the staff card shows illustrations of each character. The press certificate dealt to the reporters also had the logo of "HERO TV" decorated. Also, the illustration of the origami cyclone drawn on the back side of the chair of the chair at the venue was "cast out" and the audience searched for one act, and so much detail was stuffed up.

Origami cyclone with a reputation for being able to be found out during HERO TV program

It was time for the event to finish, at the end of each cast to the time of greeting. Since the cast of hero who did not participate in this event also said "I wanted to appear", next time everyone wants to see an event like HERO TV.

Mr. Mariya Izawa who is a role of Huang Paolin who could not come to this event in the "women's group" of the hero may come to the event after the next time.

The event was quite exciting, so it seems that we can also expect to hold the next event.

"TIGER & BUNNY" Blu-ray Volume 2 has been released on June 24, Volume 3 is released on July 22.

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