Microsoft officially releases "Office 365" which is the cloud version of Office

Microsoft will cooperate with Office Web Apps, which is an online version of Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, and "SharePoint Online", "Exchange Online" and "Lync Online" that operate in the cloud environment Services to be "Office 365We announced that we will move from beta to official service.

Online software hosted in the cloud - Office 365 - Microsoft

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Globally: World-class collaboration tools are now available for businesses large and small.

With Office Web Apps, documents can be confirmed and edited through various devices from everywhere, Exchange Online can check email and calendar from Macintosh, iPhone, Android terminal as well as Windows machine I can do it. It is an evolution version of "Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite" which Microsoft has provided since 2009.

This service is offered for enterprises. For small organizations with 25 or fewer employees, a minimum package is offered at a rate of $ 6 a month (about 485 yen) per employee, towards a larger scale Said that a wide range of plans will be offered from the full 24-dollar (about 1940 yen) monthly fee charged to SNS function and videoconference function to full version Office, from 2 dollars (about 160 yen) per month including mail service .

Google already offers "Google Apps" including cloud-based services including Gmail and Google Docs for the general public for free, and for corporations and corporations, it is $ 50 per user (about 4000 yen) per year We also offer.

There are 3 million companies using Google Apps, while 200,000 companies introduced the beta version of Office 365. Will Microsoft pursue a dust in the field of corporate cloud services to catch up from here?

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