French woman married to a deceased fiancé, wedding ceremony with President Sarkozy official recognition

A woman who received a letter of appeal to President Sarkozy and was accredited raised a wedding with a fiance who died two years ago in a traffic accident.

Karen Jumeaux marries her DEAD boyfriend with Nicolas Sarkozy's blessing | Mail Online

Karen Jumeaux (22) and her fiancé Anthony Maillot met about 2007. And in 2009 I gave a boy between the two people, but in September of that year Maillot dies at the young age of 20.

Two snapshots taken before Maillot passed away.

In order to have her marry with the dead, she sent a letter to President Sarkozy. According to the result, she was allowed to marry, but the reason why permission went down was that Maillot was able to prove that he was preparing to marry Jumeaux is.

About two years after his death, on June 23, 2011, she wears a white dress and wears a ceremony while being watched by his family and friends at the town hall in western France. The reason to mention the ceremony in June is that,June BrideIt may be because she was obsessed with the tradition of herself and hoped for the bride's own happiness.

Jumeaux says, "He was my first love and was the only one in existence, I spent four years together and promised to raise my son together, of course I do not want to be a single wedding ceremony Since it is destiny as well, it can not be helped because it is destiny, so long as we were a wish, we could finally be a couple, I will always live thinking of him from now on, "he says.

A French legal expert said, "Since it was formally married, it is natural, but if Jumeaux meets another man and tries to get married, divorce procedures will be necessary" Pointed out. Although young brides of 22 years still continue to be accompanied by fiancés who died, it seems difficult in many cases, but being able to get married in a legally accepted form will not at least support Jumeaux's mind I guess.

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