A couple not swearing at "wedding ceremony" "Death will separate two people" is on the rise

Although couples swear eternal love when marrying, it seems that couples who pledge their lifelong love with Australia are using less phrases "until death divides them".

Because the possibility of getting divorced from changes in the mind and so on can not be said to be zero, it may be reasonable if it is rational.

Details are as below.
Couples ditch death do us part | The Daily Telegraph

Last year, in New South Wales in Australia, 40 thousand couple got married, but it seems that only a fifth of those traditional oaths have taken place since long ago. Instead of a lifetime pledge that "Death will separate themselves", the oath is sometimes exchanged with the phrase "As long as our love continues".

Coral Kortlepel says that many newlyweds and couples are convinced that "they need not be together unless they are happy," some couples pledge this at the wedding ceremony. "I will love you this day, I will love you tomorrow, oath swearing that if love is shaken or there is something I will honor the time I was with you, There seemed to be a couple who agreed with a term "3 to 5 years".

Some priests refuse to accept weddings as being unjustifiable not to exercise their lifetime, but Abbey Steadman, the newlyweds, believes that the pledge at marriage is wrong and swears that he / she is a lifetime opponent Then, what if you can not stay with them?

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