Generator that creates a diary-like sentence that studies Rakuten affiliate links fully automatically

At one point, something like 'Pocket money earning on blogs' has been popular, but the biggest problem is not whether people come or not, but whether it can be renewed every day in the first place. I am pleased to know every day about things about various genres that are specialized in my favorite things, intellectual curiosity is active, or as a news junky, I go around sites around here and put together pages for myself If it is a person like a hobby to publish, it is realistic to earn pocket money with these affiliates in "that way", but for those who do not, there is no neta to update in the first place, and it is said that it is a three-day shob Or, it can not be updated quickly, it collapses! It should be mostly the case.

Here you can use this "Diary generator with affiliate link".

A diary generator with an affiliate link | I started delicious spam dishes with a word salad.

It is nothing as long as I can name it from the name, but the explanation is amazing again.

While doing Rakuten's affiliate on the homepage and blog, I think that there are many people who are having a diary open to the public, having difficulty thinking about writing everyday or not at all. I did not carelessly write it, but I became a 3-day buddy.

To such you, diary generator with affiliate link! It is!

Please input your Rakuten affiliate code and try pressing the diary compose button.
Surely, Rakuten affiliate links are scattered, hatchachi diaries should be generated.
If you do not like it please press the diary compose button once more. Every time I create a different diary.

Please use it freely, such as pasting the generated diary on your blog. (I do not think there are people who use it ...)

So let's use it.

Log in to Rakuten's affiliate page and copy Rakuten's affiliate code at the bottom of the page. It is a character string between "c /" and "/?".

Next, paste Rakuten affiliate code in the blank space of the generator page, click "Create diary"

Then, it is automatically generated in this way, then it is completed if you select "select code" to select all, copy and paste.

The following is a sample of a fully automated diary actually created.

Yo is going on a trip to various countries all over the world to sell goods at the Sapporo Snow Festival, which is a teacher-losing Sapporo Snow Festival.
This time I will stay 4 days in Madrid, Spain.
I usually enjoy a journey with a submarine I - 400 type submarine, but I decided to go with an aircraft because I was in a hurry awful.
It is a pity that the aircraft should get to Madrid sooner than a submarine of type I0000 submarine but I can not accept mileage points.
I have been visiting Madrid many times already and this is the 26th time already.
A real professional teacher is quick in work.
With the arrival at Madrid, Yoshihiro picked up his job with haste at the abandonable work like disappointing Tashiro cannon.
I did not think much of the work of Yo's work "I will kill you, I will kill you! This matured man is bad!" It was about murmuring.
I seem to have about seven hours to check in the hotel at the hotel, so I took a stroll through the strewn city of Madrid.
The trembling landscape of Madrid seems to penetrate, but my parents were hurt because of anti, but I love to appreciate it as much as possible and I am one of the most favorite landscapes of Yo.
Especially when the Kanchanjangga class battle fighting fleet is flying relaxedly in the gap between the house and the house, it is rareSweet cherriesThere is a garden, and it is perfect for online trafficking It is about the biggest broadcast accident in television history! .
In spite of saying "It's an interesting story ... does Leonardo da Vinci use the stand?"
People who walk in the streets of Madrid also juggled to dexterity using nine Somali Shilling coins of South Africa's reproach,JaguarIt seems like "K-on! It is! "It is as lively as to bombard the end of the full destiny, such as walking while playing back a special loser to the live event.
When I walked for about 69 minutes, it was cold in the open airPitonbaI found a shop.
PitonbaIs a special product of Madrid and Yo has no eye on this.
On a street vendor that tears apart to escapePitonbaWhen asking the price of "It is 58 euros, it is 58 euro, this is a monster, falling down," it is said in Spanish,
I was surprised to get into a cramped air supply pipe with too much cheapness I never thought 9 impulse buffers and ate like a gob swallowing the natural water of a cheeky peach.
Even though it is a smooth feeling, it spreads like juice in my mouth, although the surface is actually dry rather dry, the inside seems like creamy creamy ....
I was crying out, "I'm gonna stop human beings! JoJo !!" without thinking too much purity.
Because it was satisfied and it was time to check in the hotel, so to the hotel of the accommodation.
... As soon as I checked in I was struck by severe abdominal pain that I got stuck.
Apparently thatPitonbaHave you often eaten too much?

Gamble is a real game after putting hands on gold which should not be used absolutely.

The following blog posts what other sentences can be generated.

I started delicious spam cuisine with a word salad.

A method for automatically generating sentences that do not have meaning like this is "Word saladIt is called "spam filter search engine spam filter" because it can be found, it is used to create a spam blog.

In fact, Google actually has departments that are studying artificial intelligence, and the ultimate goal is to exclude pages such as word salads that "human reads do not make sense semantically" It is said that it is developing a technology to discriminate pages meaning "this is useful" when people actually read it.

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