I tried the whole eel of the eel menu, such as Sukiya's new works "Ununori" and "Nana"

"Unadon"A cow"Uona rice bowl"Una dried rice on rice"Special bowl", Sukiya tried to win the eel menu which started selling today.

It is said that you are going to grilled the eel like a specialty shop after handworking live eels in the Sukiya house, so it seems that you can expect a good taste, but what kind of menu is it going on?

The whole picture of the eel menu of Sukiya is from the following.[Summer Limited] Fluffy Soft ♪ "Una Don" of Sukiya Start sales from 9:00 on June 10! Sukiya

When I entered a sukiya house and seated, the eel menu was stuck on the desk.

That's why I ordered all kinds. The price is 680 yen for "UNAON", 810 yen for "UNAAI", 740 yen for "UNAamama don", 780 yen for "UNAARO Don", and "980 yen for special sweet bowl".

This is "Una Bowl", 693 Kcal.

When eating, the eel is fat thickly and moderately thick. Just a little bit of bone remains, but you can convince if you consider eel to eat outside the specialty store. Sauce that took on was slightly sweet and the taste was slightly darker and clear. The amount of sauce is just right, so compatibility with rice and eel is quite good. However, considering "680 yen at beef bowlers", it seems that cost performance is bad a bit because the beef bowls can be eaten at 280 yen.

Next is "special bowl". Rice is onslapping on two eels and calories are 1056 Kcal.

Basically it is the same taste as the usual "Una Donle", but there was not much rice instead of a huge amount. However, there is enough volume to satisfy if it is a general adult male.

And "naught beef". It is 849 Kcal.

It is never such a delicious way of eating together eel and beef, but it is better not to eat beef bowl a beef bowl and bean bowl and bean bowl separately as a bowl of rice bowl. However, there is certainly a sense of being able to eat both. By the way, the eel sauce only stained on the eel side.

This time "Unaro don" 726 Kcal.

A small dish will come for making wasabi sauce.

The menu "Tuna's mountain bowl" is not uncommon, but this one replaces the tuna with eel. It does not mean that compatibility between the eel and the eel is specially good, so it seems that people who ate separately can become happy. Also, the amount of rice was slightly less.

At the end is "Uonama Don" 777 Kcal.

The combination of eel and egg, such as "wrapping" that wrapped an eel with eggs, should have been promised, but in the case of this "Uona Mamon" the hot spring egg clearly broke up into white and yolk I was not matched so much, because it is because of that. The eel 's assertion is too strong and the presence of yolk has disappeared, and it is the result that only the mass of white body becomes matter of concern. After all, in conclusion it means "It is delicious to eat differently without adding topping."

In addition, every menu looked like this and the sauce was soaked up to the bottom of the rice.

Complete food. Thank you for the meal.

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