Nintendo announces the new type game machine "Wii U", it has compatibility with Wii and enables game play with only new controller

"Nintendo will release a new game machine to be the successor to Wii in 2012Although it was said that "This Wii U" new model game machine was announced at the E3 media presentation.

Software and peripherals are compatible with the Wii, but it is made with enthusiasm for a new game machine that will revolutionize the history of the game, and it is hard to play game with only the controller.

Details are as below.
E3 Nintendo media presentation.

While enjoying the game in the living room ......

It is common for someone to change the channel to watch TV.

With WiiU, you do not have to give up games at such times as well.

Since the display is mounted on the controller, drawing is possible there.

Of course you can also play games. This can be played with controller only.

The controller can also use a new way of not using it.

Here is the case of a golf game. The new controller suggests how to play games that never existed before.

You can enjoy WiiFit without a TV.

By connecting with the new zapper, the shooting game becomes more exciting.

It looks like you play with two screens of TV and controller.

Video chat is possible only with new controller.

It can also be used for browsing.

It is also possible to use such as searching for Internet video on the controller and transferring it to the TV.

Of course, it can also be used as a controller during normal game play.

Release will be scheduled for 2012.

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Nintendo's new game console "Wii U" is thoroughly described with the main body image and detailed specifications, what on earth has evolved

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