Sony, "everyone's GOLF", "everyone's tennis" followed by "everyone's refreshment" officially announced

Sony at GIGAZINE the other dayIt is planned to announce the latest work of "everyone's" series following "everyone's GOLF" "everyone's tennis"We announced, but the official announcement was finally done at last.

the title is"Everyone's refreshment"In addition to containing multiple games that can be refreshed with easy operation, trial versions are delivered today.

Details are as below.
Everyone's refreshment

According to this page, Sony seems to release "everyone's refreshment" for PSP as the latest work of "everyone's" series in autumn 2009.

"Everyone's refreshing" is a game made by wanting to make the most "refreshing" anyway, since 12 games that can be played with easy operation are recorded, it can be refreshed quickly even for a short time .

This is 12 games recorded in "everyone's refreshment"

From today, "Refresh! Book order" is delivered as the first trial version.
Everyone's refreshment | Download now! Refreshing trial version

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