Nintendo will release a new game machine to be the successor to Wii in 2012

Nintendo officially announced that it will release a new game machine which will be the successor to the fixed game machine "Wii" in 2012.

Although Nintendo released the next generation portable game machine "Nintendo 3DS" this February, the stationary game machine will be renewed next year.

Details are as below.
(PDF file)Regarding the release of successor to Wii

According to Nintendo's press release, we will release a new type game console, which will be the successor to "Wii", which is a stationary game machine released in 2006 as of the end of March 2011, which reached 8.601 million units in 2012 It is said that he decided to do.

In addition, the new game machine will be exhibited in a state where it can be experienced at "E3" to be held in Los Angeles, USA from June 7, 2011, and at that time we will publish specific specifications.

Unlike when we announced the release of Nintendo 3DS last year, the official name has not been revealed, but what kind of name will it be? Considering that the content named "Wii" like "Wii Sports" is popular, it may settle to a meaningful name such as "Wii 2" or "Super Wii".

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