Japanese release of "iPad 2" will be on April 28, the character of "TV iPad 2 finally appears" on the TV station official page


Although it was scheduled to be released on March 25,Postponed release due to the impact of the Great East Japan EarthquakeIt is Apple 's "iPad 2" which is still not announced on the release date, but it is clear from the TV station official page that there is a possibility that it will be released on April 28.

"IPad 2 has finally come forward"The character is exciting and it is getting better to raise expectations.

Details are as below.
Asahi Broadcasting | Morning Asahi is(Web pioneering)

Weekly broadcasting schedule which is posted as of 15:00 on April 25 at the official page of the information program "Ohayou Asahi" that is being broadcast on Monday through Friday from 6: 45-8: 00 in Osaka's Asahi Broadcasting System According to Thursday, April 28, "IPad 2 has finally come forward"The text is emerging.

This is scheduled to be broadcast. IPad 2 will be featured in the "Trend Express" section.

The use of the phrase "finally appearance" is supposed to be released for the Japanese market at last. However, as it is a highly topical item, featured on TV program on the day of release It seems that it is reasonable to think that the release date of "iPad 2" is around April 28, considering that the possibility of being released is sufficient.

Formal announcement from Apple's Japanese corporation and SOFTBANK MOBILE who will sell the domestic sales in Japan following the original iPad will be awaited.

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The official page of "Good Morning Asahi" is updated and "It is evolving further! The secret of iPad 2"The text has been rewritten.

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Links International dealing with personal computer related productsTo release iPad 2 exclusive silicone case etc. on April 28Announced. I guess again that X Day is April 28th ... ....?

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