Nintendo announces latest work such as the legend of Zelda at "E3 2010"

The game industry trade show "E3 2010" in Los Angeles, USA has been held yesterday,The other day MicrosoftFollowing this time Nintendo performed a press conference and announced the latest work of the popular series "The Legend of Zelda".

Also, an official announcement of the latest handheld game machine "Nintendo 3DS" that enables 3D stereoscopic viewing without glasses is done.

Details are as below.
E3 2010

E3 2010 Convention Headquarters On, E3 10 Live On G4

E3 2010 - Live Video - IGN Live at E3

It is finally starting.

The latest work of "The Legend of Zelda" has appeared. This time it is not "cat eyes". It will be released next year.

You can play with style as if you actually have a sword and a shield. Shigeru Miyamoto is demonstrating.

"Mario Sports MIX" released in 2011

And "Wii Party" which can play mini games using Wii's avatar "Mii" made all over the world will be released.

That masterpiece "007 Golden Eye" will also be back.

This latest work by Masahiro Sakurai who worked on "Kirby of the Stars" collaborated with Disney. It will be on sale for Nintendo DS.

The latest work by Metroid and the latest work by Donkey Kong will also be released.

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