Sony develops an integrated AR technology "SmartAR (Smart AR)" that displays augmented reality (AR) at high speed without a marker

Sony has developed an integrated AR technology "SmartAR" as a new AR (augmented reality) technology.

To summarize it easily "Markerless"And"High speed recognition / tracking ", And "3D space recognitionIt seems to be called AR technology with the characteristic of "

The details of the technology and the movie of what actually looks like the following.
Sony Japan | News Release | Development of Integrated Augmented Reality Technology "SmartAR (Smart AR)"

First of all, it is a movie actually using SmartAR.

YouTube - Integrated augmented reality technology "SmartAR"

Integrated augmented reality technology "SmartAR"

Its characteristics are in "Markerless AR" "High-speed and perfect AR".

Shooting photos that can be seen in the distance with a camera ......

There is no 2D bar code in particular in this photo panel, but the AR peach has come up with object recognition technology.

Even if the panel position moves away, there is no problem recognition.

Since the back is plain we do not recognize.

When turning the panel over again instantly recognize and peach reappears. Also, even if you move the panel quickly to the left or right, it follows exactly.

I started walking with tokotoko.

Further features are "3D space AR"

With 3D space recognition technology, large-scale and realistic AR is possible. Incidentally, this 3D space recognition technology was obtained by development of AIBO and others.

The peach peach gianted and started walking on the space.

The ball bounces, it is confused with the ball of the real space.

Finally "AR interaction".

Shoot posters on the menu on the wall. AR information is embedded in this.

In this way, it is possible to turn over and shoot the menu shot.

SmartAR is realized by integrating the object recognition technology which had been researching and developing conventionally and 3D space recognition technology cultivated by Sony's robot development such as AIBO. In addition to simply displaying virtual objects and AR information, it becomes possible to express with a spread, and you can experience a more dynamic and large-scale AR.

In addition, a user interface that can be operated by directly touching AR information as it was in the latter half of the movie is implemented, and it is said that future verification experiments will aim at deployment to services such as advertisement and games and business use .

An event that can experience this SmartAR technology will be held at the communication zone OPUS on the 8th floor of the Sony Building in Ginza from May 20th to 22nd. Since the opening hours are from 11 o'clock to 19 o'clock, those who are interested should take their feet.

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