"Real space fusion 3D display" which displays objects and 3D images in a superimposed manner, multiple people can see naked eyes OK

"Stereoscopic image display technology" applied stereoscopic image in real space, allowing real object and 3D image to be superimposed and appreciated "Real space fusion 3D display"But"CEATEC JAPAN 2011"At the Hitachi booth of the exhibition. this is"Fullparallax 3D displayIt is applied by the technique of "multiple people can see with the naked eye." Also,The 3D image will also change as you move the position of the object.

[HITACHI Booth Information] CEATEC JAPAN 2011 Hitachi booth information

Arrived at the Hitachi booth.

"Full Parallax 3D display" corner.

Reference The thing that is exhibited is "Real space fusion 3D display".

And this is the actual "real space fusion 3D display". 3D video of the pumpkin is displayed so as to overlie the sweet which imaged Halloween.

Looking at the movie is even more intuitive.

"Real space fusion 3D display" capable of autostereoscopic viewing with multiple people

If you look at sweets without going through the display, it looks something like this, nothing is displayed.

Of course, sweets themselves are very ordinary.

This time, a version of the image of chicks projected in the egg.

If you move the position of the egg, the image changes accordingly.

Project the 3D image of the chick in the egg, change the picture if the position is changed

If you look at the egg without passing through the display, nothing happens.

This "full parallax 3D display" technology stereoscopically displays image information from 24 projectors in real space using a combination lens and half mirrors. "There is no 3D glasses" "It can be viewed by multiple people with a wide viewing area" "It is hard to get tired easily even for a long time" "It is possible to respond flexibly to screen size, resolution, viewing area, etc." . In the future it can be expected to be utilized in a wide range of fields such as electronic signage (digital signage), product display, entertainment, medical care, skills training.

A part of 3D data seems to be provided by NHK, Ontama / Crypton Future media, Inc.

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