In a sense meaningless "Windows 7 Mobile Phone F-07C" movie review, on a new axis terminal where the mobile phone and PC live together

NTT DoCoMo 's summer 2011 presentation held todayPublished in "Windows 7 mobile phone F-07C"Is a ridiculous model that operates on" PC 7 OS "Windows 7" instead of the mobile OS "Windows Phone 7" in addition to the usual mobile phone OS, as a kind close to some kind of Kiwamono We are gathering the attention of people, but we will deliver the movie of the real machine at once.

It is the same model preinstalled up to "Microsoft Office", but how does it work?

Details are as below.
I tried typing characters in Notepad with "Windows 7 mobile phone F - 07 C" in Windows 7 mode.

Enter text in Notepad in YouTube - F - 07C (Windows 7 mode)

The size of characters can be changed.

Browsing is like this. Since there is a limitation on the Windows side of the operation of the touch panel, it seems that it is not as smooth as the latest smart phone, but in the product version, the prototype and the response etc exhibited this time may be different in some cases. Although the installed CPU is an Atom processor of 1.2 GHz, it is down-clocked to 600 MHz.

Browsing on YouTube - F-07C (Windows 7 mode)

The preinstalled Microsoft "Office Personal 2010 (2 years license version)" looks like this. Although it is said that the driving time in Windows 7 mode is about 2 hours, it wants not only to be able to use the software normally used in the personal computer but also just the merit of being able to browse and edit documents in almost complete form of the office document Is not there a person?

Launch Excel on YouTube - F-07C (Windows 7 mode)

Start Word in YouTube - F-07C (Windows 7 mode)

You can switch between mobile mode and Windows 7 mode by simply pressing "Windows button" on the main unit. By the way, even if Windows 7 crashes, it is possible to operate in mobile mode.

YouTube - F-07C "Windows 7 mode" "mobile mode" switched with one touch operation

NTT docomo 's summer 2011 model introduction page is from the following.

Main features of the 2011 summer model | Products | NTT DoCoMo

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