The site photograph where the station was a trace is also lost, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport revealed the restoration situation of the railroad network in the Tohoku region

We publish a PDF file that summarizes the recovery situation of the railroad network in the Tohoku region where the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation was damaged by the Tohoku Region Pacific Offshore Earthquake.

Regarding Okifugado Line, which is one of the routes where restoration is still not established, this material contains a lot of appearance around the station after the earthquake and it is necessary to bring it to the place to operate as it is It is content that can be convinced that a long and severe battle is forced. By the way, the picture above is a photograph of the station building of Otani Takei Line.

Charts showing the routes currently restored and the situation of each station of the Okifu Transit Line where restoration is not established are as follows.Press Release Presentation: On the Recovery Status of the Railway (April 5, 2011) - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

A figure combining the positional relationship between Takesakoma station, Rikuzentakata station, Wakizinosawa station on the Okifuto line and the picture of the station after the earthquake. Only Takekoma station has barely left a building that seems to be the station building.

A place that was the station building of Komitsu station.

There is no station building of Hosoi Station and no trace, and if it is not told, it is a terrible state that I could not notice that this was the station.

It is a state where there is not much difference between the place where it is said that there was Oitani · Ofunato station, too much from the place we have seen.

Deer Karuwagawa station where the track leaked out by the tsunami. A passenger car, which is seen as being drifted above the railroad, is riding.

A place where the bridge has leaked is a place between Rikuya Yakuza and Takekoma station. Looking at these in-situ photographs, it is also unusual for the restoration of the coastal areas to be extremely difficult, and there are many lines that are still unavailable ......

The positional relation of each station of the Obaedan line is like this.

After looking at these pictures, looking at the color-coded diagrams of the main passenger railway lines in the Tohoku region, the situation in the Pacific Coastal Region, which is bounded by yellow indicating a cancellation is more vividly conveyed .

On the other hand, some passenger rail transportation has already been restored or there are plans for recovery. You can see that both the Shinkansen and the conventional line are increasing the lines that are expected to recover.

A commentary explaining the map color-coded and easy to understand follows. First of all, the main restoration situation of Tohoku, Yamagata, Akita Shinkansen. Currently the Tohoku Shinkansen Morioka ~ Shin Aomori and Tokyo ~ Nasushiobara. Regarding the Aomori side, Ichinoseki - Morioka will be restored on April 7, while Tokyo side Nasushiobara - Fukushima will be restored on April 12. Regarding Fukushima - Ichinoseki, although a clear date is not fixed, it is scheduled to resume by the end of April.

Next I will look at the conventional trunk line. Although there are many routes whose operation has already resumed, against the Shinkansen on which all the lines are scheduled to be restored, Iwaki - Waraki of Joban Line, which is the area around Fukushima Daiichi and the second nuclear power plant, Information is being collected "and"There is an area where entry inspection can not be conducted and it is expected that it will take time to discover the complete damageIt is said that the time for clear recovery is undecided.

At the conference on April 5, President Satoshi Kiyono of JR East will ask about the conventional line, which is not expected to resume driving,I would like to consider how to restore with local governments. It may take time to complete the construction immediately, but I would like to do my utmost to restore"We emphasize the idea of ​​announcing it and restoring it with responsibility. I do not know yet whether I will aim for the recovery to the state before the earthquake disaster, or I will do it again with the city plan, but it is certainly still time to prepare for the recovery plan.

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