I have looked around the planned construction site of "Kyoto Yodobashi" which is a problem

The local residents and the Yodobashi camera side crashed hard and confused"Kyoto Yodobashi Building" New Construction Resident's Presentation MeetingHowever, I actually saw the planned construction site of "Kyoto Yodobashi" which was picked up in that area.

According to the residents, it seems that "ground raising has occurred", but what is the site like?

So, the picture of the site is from the following.
This is the planned construction site of Kyoto Yodobashi.

The inside is vacant

It was like this when the old Kintetsu department store was. You can see the land that was functioning as a bicycle parking space during the Kintetsu era. The other thing is the place other than this.

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Between the shichijo police station and the planned construction site is like this

Looking at the site planned for construction from Yodobashi near the Nichinjo police station It is like this

Go straight and you will see the land covered with a fence. The land itself in the fence was originally a parking lot for the Kintetsu department store. The houses that are supposed to be the ground elevation are on the other side.

In short, it seems to try to pass the road from Yodobashi on the left, from the side of the right 7 Jeju.

There is something in front of my eyes, but as I listened, it seems that no one already lives.

It seems that these houses on the other side of the parking lot are landed.

Looking at Google Street View this way. Somehow I can not go far beyond the "stop" display, but it will be the houses that I see the distant land is raised.

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Detailed map of the neighborhood this was on the near fence. The area near "Honkei Kamado" evolves, and it is planned to pass the road from the 7th article.

Looking at the materials distributed at the briefing, it is just this part. In the document "otherIt is the part that was written. It seems that it is going to be a road here. It is certainly an event that this road can not bear for a citizen who is coming near.

I saw it from the 7th section side. Already many vacant houses. It seems that we are going to evacuate "Kamado and" which is normally open now.

Looking at Google Street View this way

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